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Lusomé Pajamas for Women Who Suffer From Night Sweats

I have partnered with Lusomé and samples were sent. Opinions are my own

If you do or have suffered from night sweats you are not alone. In fact, 80% of women will suffer at some points in life and many things can contribute to sweating at night from pregnancy, menopause or a chronic illness to mane a few. Chances are Mom suffers too which is why the Everyday dnd Luxe collection of sleepwear from Lusomé makes a fantastic gift for Mother’s Day for Mom or your special women of life.

I have the Sophia Capris and matching Alexia top in quartz pink. I love the color but most of all love the feel when I have these pajamas on. They are so lightweight and soft yet comfortable still on these chili nights.How do the Lusomé sleepwear styles help with night sweats? It is in the technology of the fabric. Oh, and they have the men covered too so Dad may also enjoy for Father’s Day!

Lusomé sleepwear uses XIROTEX® technology which means Rapid moisture-moving technology accelerates evaporation. It works to draw moisture and bacteria away from the body while you sleep (and sweat) using a dual layer fabric construction in a bit of a push-pull theory (am I taking you back to science class?).

All you really need to know after that is sleep will be more pleasant and you stay dry. You also get the comfort offered in the sleepwear and look great too. Let’s face it, nighttime after a long day with our hair down and pajamas on is not when we feel we look our best. Now you can still feel great the moment you change into these pajamas. Trust me!

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