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Voting with a Porpoise: The Importance of Participating in your Community

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Voting with a Porpoise: The Importance of Participating in your Community

New Book Release: Voting with a Porpoise (Sept 2018)

by: Russell Glass and Sean Callahan

When a pod of Dolphins find trouble with their home, they have a choice to make. They can stay or they can relocate. How should they make this decision? Should they appoint a leader who makes the decision for everyone or should they take a vote?

When they are working to make the right decision, one of them ends up in trouble and an unlikely member of their pod becomes a small hero and suddenly the choice is clear on what they will do for the best interest of all of them!

This is a great story to be releases in an election year where kids can begin to think of all the ways they can participate in their community from learning to accept everyone to joining a vote and offering your opinion to make important decisions.

The book is available now at retailers including Amazon. More children book reviews (here).

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AN ELEPHANT’S JOURNEY DVD with Elizabeth Hurley #Giveaway

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AN ELEPHANT'S JOURNEY with Elizabeth Hurley

New DVD Release: An Elephant’s Journey (October 23, 2018)

Here is another Dove Foundation approved family movie for your next movie night. This feel-good drama starring Elizabeth Hurley, Sam Ashe Arnold and Tertius Meintjes is a story about a lost boy and an unlikely encounter with a wild elephant.

An Elephant’s Journey Movie synopsis

After losing his parents, Phoenix (Sam Ashe Arnold) moves to Africa to live with his Aunt Sarah (Elizabeth Hurley). While on safari with his uncle one day, Phoenix wanders off and becomes lost in the African bush. After rescuing a huge elephant from a trap, Phoenix befriends the great creature, which he names Indlovu (“The Unstoppable”). Riding through the wilderness, the bold duo finds evidence of a local gang of poachers, and together they plot to stop the hunters’ cruel plans.

There are some special features included within this DVD such as commentary with Writer-Director Richard Boddington, an interview with Elizabeth Hurleya and with Elephant Expert Dr. Richard Leakey as well as “Beyond the Journey: An In-Depth Look at Elephants” Featurette.

Available for pre-order on Amazon! Release date is October 23, 2018

The DVD Giveaway

One lucky reader will win a DVD copy of An Elephant’s Journey! Enter below. Open to US


Supporting Your Family After an Injury

Supporting Your Family After an Injury

Personal accidents and injuries can have a life-changing impact on the welfare and stability of a family’s future. Compensation for successful personal injury claims ranges between $3,000 – $75,000. Even the higher end of this compensation means making significant adjustments to your life and planning for the future even more carefully. This may mean making the most of smaller living space and being more frugal, among other things. However, a personal injury does not have to have a detrimental effect on your family. If anything, it can help you improve your spending habits while also opening up new doors for you.

Go through the right legal channels

Most personal injury claims result from car accidents, which usually mean that there are witnesses who can substantiate claims made by those involved. However, it is vital that you have legal representatives to look after you. Legal firm Tait and Hall asserts that insurance companies very rarely agree to pay out the money requested in damages. Having legal representatives is therefore crucial for ensuring that you are appropriately compensated. The emotional toll such an experience can have you and your loved ones also means that having legal help can lessen some of the stress involved.

Tighten your budgeting

Having to cope with a serious personal injury can obviously be incredibly difficult – both in terms of the emotional aspects and financial implications. However, one upshot is that it can help you become better at budgeting. With only a third of Americans tracking their expenses, being forced to properly examine your spending habits can save you and your family a significant amount of money. This in turn helps alleviate stress on your loved ones and sets a good example to your kids.

Consider new job role

Depending on the nature of your injury, you may be able to utilize your skills to earn money in new ways. For example, if your mobility has been affected you might consider tutoring – if not face-to-face then online. Alternatively, the eagle-eyed language lovers could take up proofreading or copywriting. Whatever your skills and interests, you no doubt have plenty to offer.

Seek legal support, budget and make the most of other job skills

Supporting your family is arguably the biggest responsibility you will face in your life. Dealing with a significant personal injury can therefore be an incredible stressful experience, particularly if it is likely to impact your household income. However, making sure you have good legal representatives will help to reduce the stress and give you the best chance of appropriate compensation. Meanwhile, make sure you properly assess your spending habits and reevaluate your family budget. Finally, consider pursuing other lines of work for which you may be qualified. Try to use this experience as a positive opportunity from which to learn and grow, rather than regarding your family’s future as irrevocably damaged.

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We are having pizza and wings for dessert with Chocolate Pizza Company

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We are having pizza and wings for dessert with Chocolate Pizza Company

Would your home go crazy if you were to tell them it’s pizza and wings for dessert? Anthony did and also had no clue what I was talking about until I showed him the treats that came from Chocolate Pizza Company. I thought this was a fun dessert combo, but they don’t only offer this chocolate pizza and peanut butter ‘wings’ combo.

Chocolate Pizza Company has chocolate pizzas for all seasons and gifting occasions. We have the Snowflake Chocolate Pizza and PB Wigs that come in a combo. There are so many combinations of toppings and even chocolate pizzas you can have message written on them.

Imagine the office when you walk into a meeting with chocolate pizza saying “Thank you” or winning the Boss gift on his/her birthday at work. The kids would love it at parties too!

With the Holidays coming, keep Chocolate Pizza Company in mind for seasonal ‘pizzas’.

Featured in Forbes Magazine, People Magazine and other national media, Ryan Novak’s inspirational story is at the heart of his business. He started with the company as a dishwasher at the age of 15 and by 21 years-old, Ryan was the owner of Chocolate Pizza Company. His vision was to transform a small-town chocolate shop into an emerging national brand. Today, as America’s premier maker of this unique gourmet chocolate specialty, Chocolate Pizza Company products can be found at thousands of retail locations across the country where they are gifts-of-choice for business and personal occasions.

The Chocolate Pizza Company PB Wings are a sweet and salty indulgence. potato chips covered in creamy peanut butter and drenched in rich milk or dark chocolate (dark chocolate available after Jan 3).

If you cannot locate a retailer near you that carries the Chocolate Pizza Company line, then head over to their website and order one today!