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Divine Influencer is a film about using influence to find purpose and help others

Divine Influencer is a film about using influence to find purpose and help others

New Flash: Pure Flix is now officially Great American Pure Flix and they have a new movie everyone will enjoy! Divine Influencer is a story about Olivia Golden, an entitled influencer who loses everything. She must humbly trust God to understand what the meaning of true influence is. Desperate, she takes a job at a homeless shelter only so she has a place to lay her head and quickly realizes the joy and purpose that comes from serving others. Watch Divine Influencer today!

Whether you are a teen who loves stories around social media to an adult who still needs a reminder on the importance of using your gifts to serve others, this feel-good movie is a must see.

Divine Influencer was such a refreshing film at a time where life is so busy and we can take for granted what we have around us. It can be humbling to step into someone else’s shoes and Liv was forced to step down from her extravagant lifestyle and into a world where many don’t have much or anything at all. I think anyone would be humbled like she was when you are given the opportunity to slow down and help others. This film is truly inspiring.

In celebration of this new film, Great American Pure Flix would like me to gift a 3 month streaming subscription (zero strings attached). This way you can enjoy family-friendly, faith-based films such as Divine Influencer. Enter below. Contest is open to US, ages 18+m who has not won a Pure Flix subscription in the last 6 months.

Many thanks to Great American Pure Flix for providing a sample of the product for this review. Opinions are 100% my own.


Head into Fall with Red Vines and Sour Punch Candies

Head into Fall with Red Vines and Sour Punch Candies

In fall, candy is a hot topic. As we near Halloween, stay indoors for cooler weather that make the best movie nights and after school treats, let’s look at what Red Vines and Sour Punch is offering. For me, candy means individually wrapped pieces for my candy bowl at work. I work in the office at our local high school and most kids know to come to my window for candy in passing. Sour Punch candies are always a hit.

Have you seen the Ice Cream Truck twists? These are delicious flavors of cherry sherbet, orange cream bar, americana pop and strawberry snow cone. The tropical flavors are just as popular.

I am also excited for the organic fruit chews, Chewie-Fruities. My go-to for my personal stash are Red Vines made simple mixed berry twists. I always have a tray in the snack bin. This was your fill candy reminder to keep these candies in mind for your treat needs.

American Licorice Company: Sour Punch® brand purpose is, “Embrace Your Punch,” spreads a message of appreciating the differences in others with the goal of encouraging mutual respect and spreading kindness. 

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September Holiday Kickoff Giveaway Hop – $10 Amazon Gift Card

September Holiday Kickoff Giveaway Hop - Smart Gaming Baseball

It’s time for a new Giveaway Hop offered by our fabulous group of bloggers! September is that in-between month where summer ends, kids go back to school and it is (almost) too early to start your Holiday traditions. So, while you wait for the pace to start back up, sit and enter some giveaways! You can also head back to my 2023 Summer Guide and check out some great brands and gift ideas!

In my giveaway below, you can win a $10 Amazon gift card! Enter all giveaways in this hop and my $10 Amazon below….

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FAST BAR – INTERMITTENT FASTING BARS you can eat while in a fast

FAST BAR - INTERMITTENT FASTING BARS you can eat while in a fast

To find a food that you can eat while intermittent fasting takes science. It becomes a balance of the right types and amounts of macronutrients and micronutrients to stay in a fast. With Fast Bar, you can fast on food! This is a game changer for those that fast as I do most mornings. It doesn’t take long to train your body to eat right in your window so you don’t have many cravings as you stay in your fasting state. But, there are those days you just want to grab food too soon. Here is why these bars work…

As far as the ingredients go, these FAST BAR – INTERMITTENT FASTING BARS are plant-based, Keto-friendly, and gluten-free. They are made with macadamias, pecans, almonds, and honey that has a similar fasting impact as a glass of water (see the study). These bars simply do not activate the food-sensing system so your body has no idea it is consuming food.

I grab a bar to keep in my work bag all the time. Some mornings I do fine, but it is there on the mornings I crave food. There are 3 flavors – coconut macadamia, chocolate chip and nuts & honey. I love the nuts & honey in the morning. Order your Fast Bar variety today. You will want one on hand for those days you want to fall.