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Get fit while Playing Games & Workouts with Plankpad PRO Total Body Trainer

Get fit while Playing Games & Workouts with Plankpad PRO Total Body Trainer

One of my favorite spaces in my house is my fitness room. Over COVID I transformed a storage room into a home gym. I have slowly accumulated weights, machines and now I have the Plankpad PRO. This a plank and balance board that gives you a few options to motivate you as you work your whole body to get fit. You can see and feel the quality of this board right out of the box. The app has been flawless as well.

If you incorporate one exercise into your day, above all you may want to master and learn to hold a plank. When you hold a plank, you are working your arms, shoulders, back, abs, glutes and legs simultaneously. It is such a great exercise for the entire body. I always incorporate plank holds in my warm up before weight training. Now, I am even more motived to fit a warm up in with the fun games I can play as I work my body.

Once you download the free app you have options to choose a game that all have levels of easy, normal or hard. You can also choose workout videos and challenges. You also get a poster of a 30 day challenge. As you move through your 30 days you can choose to incorporate the workout choices to get your time in. I started with some Fruit Ninja because I have always loved that game. You get a timer in the upper corner so you know when it’s quit time. I dare you to stop cutting fruit right at 30 seconds or 1 minute…you’ll hold on just a bit longer!

The Plankpad PRO belongs in every gym for those times your motivation slips. I am in love with how fast I began holding my planks longer than I ever have. 2 weeks in and it has been a smooth incline through the challenges. This will make a great gift for the fitness enthusiast this year! Visit Plankpad PRO online and when you are ready to shop, find it available on Amazon.


Luster Premium White’s Pearl Infused Pro Light Dental Whitening System 

Luster Premium White’s Pearl Infused Pro Light Dental Whitening System 

Finally! A dental whitening system that doesn’t have me drooling a gooey mess or keeping film in my mouth for long periods of time. I love that I get results in about 3 minutes and can head out the door! You get everything you see in the kit above and easy instructions. Even the items have their step order displayed on the front labels.

I use the rinse for 10-15 seconds, paint on the whitening serum and place the Dual-Energy Pro Light close to my teeth until the 2 minute timer beeps. I then give a quick brush with the whitening toothpaste to remove excess serum and that is it! The results are fantastic!

It uses both light and heat, making the Luster Premium White Pearl Pro Light teeth whitening system quicker and more effective. Developed by dentists and the results seem as good as the professionals! You can order the whitening system on Amazon!

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2022 Holiday Gift Guide from Parenting Healthy

2022 Holiday Gift Guide from Parenting Healthy

Welcome to the 2022 Holiday Gift Guide!

This is your one stop page for all Holiday posts and gift ideas, so keep checking back through the Holidays as more is added often! You may want to bookmark and even share with others, so feel free to!

The following brands have graciously offered great gift ideas and sometimes savings, so pay them a respectful visit. Look forward for a gift card giveaway in November right here!

Gift Ideas

The Beauty Tea Company 3 Tea Gift Box uses high quality loose leaf teas packaged in stainless steel tins that are so pretty.

Wixology Candle Co. has fun cocktail mix scents and once you are done burning through the wax, the vessel doubles as a cocktail glass.

The Supernatural Range line of face masks from Earth Kiss use an array of superfoods and nutrients and are Kombucha-based masks.

The Plankpad is more than a fitness device. In combination with the synchronized app, the balance board combines the workout with games. Your body becomes the controller and the movement controls the games.

These imarku 16-piece Removable Japanese Knife Block Set are really nice knives but are extremely sharp. 

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Stay hydrated and never forget or lose your expensive reusable water bottles with this stylish WanderFull crossbody water bottle carrier.

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Get Antique Auto Gifts for Collectors and Vintage Car Enthusiasts via Eckler’s Automotive

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Wildgrain Ready-to-bake, artisan bread, pasta, and pastries delivered to your door. A subscription box for foodies!

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This GuruNanda Halo 2-in-1 Ultrasonic essential oil diffuser and humidifier emits a powerful, room filling fragrance while humidifying simultaneously.

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Holiday Posts and Preparation

Pure Flix streams faith and family-friendly media that changes lives, inspires hearts and lifts the spirits of those you love. Start streaming these great shows today with a subscription.

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Beauty, Natural Beauty

Mouina Haircare has clean hair care products with organic ingredients

Mouina Haircare has clean hair care products with organic ingredients

In Arabic, ‘Mounia’ means “a wish fulfilled.” This line of clean hair care products does everything you need hair care to do without unnecessary ingredients. They don’t just care about what goes into their products, they care about the effect it could leave on the environment. So, they leave out the toxic and only include organic ingredients. So far, all 3 products I use are working so well for my hair.

I have fine, straight hair and living in the Pacific Northwest it dries our very easily. It was a very hot end of summer and we are still breaking heat records this time of the year. We have had a new muggy feeling in our air lately and my skin and hair are suffering – perhaps in a bit of shock. I have been using the Hair Care System

  • Two Drop” Serum – with organic Argan and Prickly Pear Seed Oil
  • Rinse – with Organic Aloe Vera and Rhassoul Clay, Rose and Pomegranate Oil
  • Condition – with organic Cumin and Flax Seed Oil and Biotin

Mounia haircare line repairs damaged keratin and protects your hair from further damage. It’s all the science they use – a patented polymer technology. It is all explained in their backed by science page here. Shop Mounia today for smoother, less damaged hair!