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Fit & Fresh Deluxe Insulated Soft Cooler Bag for Game Days

As we approach spring, we also approach outdoor sports season, picnics, camping and outdoor concerts. If you are like me, I am packing meals to go often for such events. I love small coolers, so deciding on the right cooler that holds all I need, keeps foods cold and is easy to clean can be hard. I think the hardest feature to find in most coolers is extra pockets and that I can easily clean it. I found this soft cooler from Fit + Fresh. This is a soft cooler that holds up to 24 cans! That is only 2 of many great features!

The best way to describe this cooler and all it can do for you is to simply make you a long list:

  • It is soft and has a comfortable shoulder strap
  • The colors and design is gives it a modern and classy look
  • It has extra storage with front and side pockets and a top bungee
  • Easy access port from the top to keep coolness inside
  • The inner liner is removable- aka a very cleanable insert!
  • The insert is a hard liner so no leaking
  • 3-layers of insulation to keep foods cold
  • It holds a lot – up to 24 soda cans
  • Made with a stain-resistant fabric
  • Made in the US (Rhode Island) and available on Amazon

The Fit + Fresh coolers are perfect for the beach, campsite, tailgate, sports event, road trip, and beyond! Even packed full, it is comfortable to carry and gets a lot of compliments on the style. I am in love with the removable hard liner because I can easily clean it.

You can find many coolers and accessories in the online store on Amazon. Get yourself ready for the outdoors this spring and summer and shop Fit + Fresh bags.

Natural Foods

Stur Natural Water Enhancers as Mixers

Whether you need to intake more water in your day or need a zero calorie mixer option, Stur Natural Water Enhancers are my new favorite choice. They have so many flavors, you can make great natural sodas and mocktails or cocktails. But, the many flavors options are only an added bonus to the ingredient label.

Stur does not add any sugars, just real fruit and stevia extracts. Stur is free of all artificial flavors, colors and sweeteners. I challenge you to compare the label of Stur enhancers to your other brands you may use. It was created to give you natural, only real ingredients. This makes your home sodas and cocktails contain a lot less calories and sugars.

The Blue & Blackberry Stur makes a fantastic Blackberry vodka. Just add ice to your glass, 1 oz of vodka and water. Add a squirt of Stur and stir. Garnish with blackberries for a complete look when serving to friends. You have added zero extra calories to your beverage!

Shop Stur on Amazon and find all varieties, including their electrolyte line of water enhancers.

Natural Products

My favorite Amazon products for 2024

I recently found myself reading through ideas for gifts I could get over the Holidays. Some people are hard to shop for and I need ideas. Other times, I want something for myself and am stuck on what has the best, authentic reviews.

I do pair up with brands as a Blogger. Many times I am sent product so I can try it myself and the brand hopes I will share. I am very particular who I partner with. I want to find brands that I would truly consider myself. I want brands that align with my voice in my blog – natural products, makes life easy and quality products.

I decided to keep track of such products I would love to share with you because I love and use these products myself. Not every brand I work with may fit in this post. Below is a list I will keep going in 2024 whenever I fall in love with its use or have a great experience with the brand.

Lotus Bowl Bamboo Salad Set

Why I love this? I meal prep for work lunches and this bowl is actually big enough! It has a design that is not bulky at all, but gives a depth that allows my ingredients to mix well. Plus I seem to get compliments on it every time I use it places.

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Stur Natural Water Enhancers

Why I love this? It is my goal to drink more water, but I am just not motivated to drink water. I have found it much easier if I can add flavor, so I found Stur. There are no extra calories, no added sugars and are considered keto-friendly! A little goes a long way! P each is my favorite! I also use their electrolyte varieties.

Amazon Link

Aloederma 99% Aloe Vera

Why I love this? I have been stuck where I either burn myself in the sun or even cooking and have nothing on hand to relieve that burn. Aloderma has many aloe products ( I also use their Brightening Moisturizer) that contains aloe. This particular product is what you want on hand for sunburn relief- trust me!

Amazon Link

Mozy Wearable Blanket

Why I love this? OK- this might be my absolute new favorite. This blanket for my legs traps heat so well that I need more than one! I need one I keep for outdoor sports events, hiking, camping and even backyard get togethers. It stays on! You can even collect velcro patches to personalize your blanket!

Amazon Link

Burlap & Barrel Spices

Why I love this? I love to grill and I have tried so many spice brands. Sometimes I find a brand and notice that when I use their spices, I get better compliments on the meal. Burlap & Barrel brings me some of those best compliments. Their spices are so fresh and from the finest sources. My favorite – Black Lime & Chili Salt blend!

Amazon Link – exclusive deal – use code PARENTINGHEALTHY and get A FREE 1.8oz GRINDER-TOP JAR OF ROBUSTA BLACK PEPPERCORNS With Any Order Of $15 Or More! Add Peppercorns Grinder To Your Cart, Then Enter Code At Checkout!

Fit + Fresh Cooler Bags

I LOVE this bag. Not only is it large, with extra external storage but the hard liner is removable for easy cleaning and leak proof features! You will love these cooler bags for picnics, outdoor games and camping!

Amazon Link

Natural Foods

Congo Organic Dark Chocolate from Costa Rica

Congo Organic Dark Chocolate from Costa Rica

Congo Tropicals, a South Florida-based company brings tropical produce delivered from Central America to your door! Tis includes coffee and dark chocolate made in Costa Rica. There are many benefits of eating dark chocolate such as it might reduce the risk of heat disease, help raising HDL cholesterol and protecting your LDL levels and even managing stress. Making sure your dark chocolate is at least 70% dark and from a clean source (like organic cocoa beans) enhances these benefits.

organic dark chocolate

The Congo Tropicals Organic Dark Chocolate is made from the finest cacao beans in Costa Rica. It is a perfect balance of bitter and sweet in a delicious snack.

When you visit the Congo Tropicals website, you will find that you can even find fresh fruits such as plantains and dragon fruit that will arrive to you. Take a look and start planning a unique Valentines (or Galentines) meal!