Natural Foods has healthy delicious snacks for on-the-go has healthy delicious snacks for on-the-go

Three generations ago, this brand was born to bring fresh-roasted nuts to consumers. Today, they still roast the nuts and pop their corn on the same day it ships. This is why is where I order my snacks for home and the office.

One of my favorite orders to make is from their single-serve packs. It is so easy to toss them in my lunch and grab up the right serving size every time. I first discovered the brand on a flight to Los Angeles. We were given plane snacks and got a single serve pack of salted cashews. They were delicious and I looked to see what they were flavored with and they were simply, salted. The taste was so fresh and I looked at the stamp and saw I immediately started browsing their website that night at our hotel and found myself ordering a few packages.

The CB& J is a new favorite of mine! Whether I need a snack on the go or an afternoon treat- the sweet and salty mix is so delicious. Find nuts, dried fruit, superfood powders and sweets to have on hand. The big bags are sharable or great for snack dishes and charcuteries when guests come over. The single-serve come with just the right snack portions. Visit and order today. They run specials all the time, so I am always ordering with great deals.

Infant Toddler Products

Li’l Goat’s goat milk soaps and products for baby’s delicate skin

Li’l Goat’s goat milk soaps and products for baby's delicate skin

If you are looking for a gentle soap for baby or sensitive skin, a soap made with gentle ingredients and natural oils from Canus is a great option. Find bar soap, body wash and gift sets with products that will hydrate their skin. The goat plush is an adorable bonus from the gift set.

If you know a new Mom for Mother’s Day or need a baby shower gift, these Li’l Goat goats milk soaps are fantastic. Canus offers products made with fresh goat milk and gentle oils that offers a great hydration to the skin. Li’l Goat’s was created to protect and hydrate young skin. Learn more and shop the Canus Li’l Goats shop.

Infant Toddler Products

Matching Daddy and Me outfits from The Spunky Stork

Matching Daddy and Me outfits from The Spunky Stork

This weekend we will celebrate Mom’s and then Dad is next! Have you seen the adorable matching twins and parent apparel at The Spunky Stork? Daddy and child can become best twinsies or your twins can have fun in their matching tees and onesies.

My favorite was the oak tree and acorn set. How fun would it be for Dad and baby?! The Spunky Stork has many fun designs for Dad and baby such as camping sets, taco + taquito, Papa bear and little bear to name a few. The child sets come in sizes infant through youth XL and the adult tees are available in men and women sizes.

Have twins? The Spunky Stork has you covered as well! When my sets arrived as a gift for an expecting coworker having twins, I was amazed at the quality. They were a hit when she opened them. To say these tees and onesies are so soft is an understatement. You can feel the thickness and these are going to last for many washes and wears. As Father’s Day and summer events begin, you will want to visit The Spunky Stork shop today!

Books Reviews

Two Books for Tweens for their summer reading

Two Books for Tweens for their summer reading

2 new release books for tweens sure to keep them reading this summer are available from Simon & Schuster Publishing. One is a sequel for ages 8-12 and the other explores the perils of youths and gang violence for ages 14 and older.

The One And Only Ruby by Katherine Applegate

The original book The One And Only Ivan stole and even broke our hearts about a silverback gorilla. Then came The One And Only Bob where we followed this dog’s survival story. Now we meet Ruby, the Elephant and not only do we get some elephant facts and glossary but a story about ecological devastation of the ivory trade, circus and zoo life woes. This book is for animal lovers with a heart big enough to break a little as they move through the pages. But, Ruby tells her horror story in a playful way to show how she has overcome. Buy The One And Only Ruby on Amazon!

Borderless by Jennifer De Leon

Synopsis: For seventeen-year-old Maya, trashion is her passion, and her talent for making clothing out of unusual objects landed her a scholarship to Guatemala City’s most prestigious art school and a finalist spot in the school’s fashion show. Mamá is her biggest supporter, taking on extra jobs to pay for what the scholarship doesn’t cover, and she might be even more excited than Maya about what the fashion show could do for her future career.

So when Mamá doesn’t come to the show, Maya doesn’t know what to think. But the truth is worse than she could have imagined. The gang threats in their neighborhood have walked in their front door—with a boy Maya considered a friend, or maybe more, among them. After barely making their escape, Maya and her mom have no choice but to continue their desperate flight all the way through Guatemala and Mexico in hopes of crossing the US border. Buy Borderless on Amazon.