How to Pack and Move Furniture

Only the thinking that you are going to start your life in a new place can energize you enough to pack your stuffs and belongings on your own. But when it comes to packing your furniture, your enthusiasm is not enough. If you don’t pack these stuffs in a well-planned way moving can be stressful.

How to pack and move furniture

You might have heard from your friends while visiting his new house that some of his furniture acquired scratches while the movers loaded it on the moving truck. Therefore, it is not hard to perceive that you’re moving into a new place can either be adventurous or it can turn into a misery, another horrible story about moving, depending upon what strategy you choose when you start packing, especially furniture. Here are some tips to pack your furniture and move them unscathed to your new place.

Assemble packing supplies

You have to pack these things carefully and to do it you first need packing supplies, like:

  • Some cardboard boxes
  • Packing tape
  • Moving blankets
  • Bubble Wrap
  • Sofa and mattress cover
  • Plastic stretch wrap
  • Sealable plastic bags
  • Corrugated cardboard sheets

Make a list and start to gather them. You can collect these supplies from a hardware store or you can buy them online.

Don’t do it on your own

Packing furniture is not an easy job, since you might need to move heavy furniture from its previous places. You need to call someone and ask for help. You might be having expensive decorative accessories along with them and you will suffer from a huge loss if you break those stuffs by mistake. You must look for a helping so that you can assure the safety of your expensive materials as well as furniture. However, if you find such people in your life going busy that time or in some case you don’t want to ask them to help you, you should definitely hire professional movers who would do the packing job as well. There are many companies that offer such services. All you need is to choose a good one and leave all your worries on them.

Make your furniture packing prepared

Before wrapping your furniture and pack them, you need to dust off and clean them. You can use dry napkins and cleaning liquids available in the market. Since, after reaching your new place you have to set up the whole place Cleaning the furniture beforehand, would help to stay less stressed. Plan for some strategy and be sure which furniture is going to where, at your new place. Acting smart always helps you in getting rid of the mess that are created when you move to a new place. You can mark the furniture according to its destination. The best way is to hire some movers who are expert in dealing with such situations.

Dismantle your furniture

If you can dismantle a few furniture, do so. Because it is easy to pack small parts, rather than packing a big furniture. It would be helpful for movers as well, since they can load these packed parts on a truck in a compact way. Movers can load and unload dismantled parts easily from the truck. Moreover, they are aware of dismantling the furniture correctly. If you take the risk on your own, you might end up breaking your furniture. You just need to keep the parts together so that nothing gets misplaced or lost during the process. The best way to do this is packing the dismantled parts in same colored boxes with proper markings.

Ensure enough space

As you have done accordingly with the above-mentioned procedures, all your packed stuffs need to be stored all in one place and to make that clear a room or if you can’t spare a whole room then at least one-fourth of a room, there should be no other stuffs. If you do so, it would help your movers also. Moreover, you will get enough place to keep new stuffs at your new place if you have planned to buy some. On the other hand, you will feel more comfortable with decorating your new place with your furniture.

If you follow all the above procedures, you can accomplish your job of moving things in an organized way and you’ll be less stressed. So, the chances of mistakes will be automatically lessened. Eventually, you need to take care while unloading your furniture from the truck. Unloading seems quite easy when compared to load the furniture, but the chances of damage are high during this. You need to take a special care while you unload your furniture. Make sure movers can unload and move things without any obstruction. All you need is a good strategy, luck is always in favor with good peoples. Have a good day!

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Moira Blythe

My husband and I are helping my mother move. I appreciate your advice to make sure that we dismantle as many pieces of furniture as we can to help out the movers. I think that this would definitely make it easier for them!

Hank Peters

Organized and stress free, great advice!

Aaron Smith

I always get a bunch of my cousins to help out! Definitely more enjoyable.


Me and my wife always get the kids to help around reorganizing our living room. Gotta put all that energy into good use. Thanks for the suggestions!

Amanda Noble

Very good advice. I am moving to Los Angeles next week so this has been very handy.


You could often get free packing supplies if you look around. Hitup local stores and such, itll help you with moving.