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OWC Envoy Pro Mini SSD Portable Storage

OWC Envoy Pro Mini SSD Portable Storage

2018 Holiday Gift Guide Feature: OWC Envoy Pro Mini SSD Portable Storage

If you need on-the-go storage at a large and fast capacity, this is the right SSD for you! This little storage device on a laynard or keyring will hold so many files for you to take wherever you need them. 

This SSD performance up to 450MB/s, and the capacity to store up to 1.0TB of data. This is a gamer’s, photographer’s, videographer’s delight! 

The Envoy Pro Mini is available in 3 sizes – 120GB, 240GB and 480GB. Some of these sizes are large enough to save an entire laptop contents onto. Even at 120GB you can store close to a lifetime of images and home videos for many households.

Buying OWC Envoy Pro Mini

Find the Envoy Pro Mini on Amazon and visit OWCDigital for all products

Comment: I was sent product so that my feature can be authentic and my own original thoughts for you. I am an Amazon Associate and I may be compensated for your purchase through my Amazon links.

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I like at 120GB you can store close to a lifetime of images and home videos for many households.

kate g

I’ve taken so many years of family pictures and I’m so impressed that I could keep them all in one place that is so pocket portable.


I love the amount of storage on this portable ssd. That will store a lot of files for safe keeping

Seyma Bennett Shabbir

This would come in handy at work. Portable storage device with lots of space. I do websites, converting files, and this would be so useful.


I’m not much of a techy. I am sure this is a great piece of technology. And I love Amazon.

Cindy Ingalls

I received a backup/storage drive once as a gift and loved it. It is one of those things you need but might not necessarily buy for yourself.

Melissa Cushing

Wow this is a super handy piece to have and I am going to check this out for my husband was he would most definitely love one of these for Christmas!

Cindy Gordon

This is really great for people like bloggers. It allows quick and safe transfer of our big videos!

Becca Wilson

This storage looks like it would be so great to have. I love that it can be carried anywhere!


This is really nice/ I would love to own one.

Michele Pineda

My daughter could definitely use this for school as she has to use this on her laptop for programs she has.