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Our Crown & Paw Custom Pet Portraits – The Ambassador

Comment: I was sent product for this feature. All opinions are 100% my own. There may be affiliate links within this post as well that could result in compensation for Parenting Healthy.

Better than your pet’s portrait on canvas, is your pet Ambassador on canvas! Isn’t this an adorable touch? At Crown & Paw they take the photo of your pet and put them in costumes of your choice for adorable custom pet portraits that make great gifts!

This is Louie and we thought he’d be a great Ambassador. We uploaded his photo and they sent the canvas print. It came out very clear and he is so adorable dressed up. There are minor overlay on the color on the corners but I assume that was the wrapping. My photo of his canvas doesn’t do justice for how clear Louis’ print came out. They did a great job cropping him to naturally look like he is in his Ambassador outfit.

If the Ambassador is not your dog’s style, there are many other costumes to choose from like Astronaut, Princess and even put both your pets on one print such as Lord and Lady or The Outlaws (this one is adorable).

The prints you can choose from are authentic 19th century portraits and rare Renaissance era oil paintings and combine them with pets of all shapes and sizes. Create yours today in times for a fun Valentine’s Day gift! Visit Crown & Paw today!

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