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Open a Holiday Haul Box for 7 Holidays a year

Open a Holiday Haul Box for 7 Holidays a year

As we move beyond St Patrick’s Day and closer to Easter and the summer Holidays, Holiday Haul Box is working on the best addition to the next box delivered to your door. My favorite part about this box is all the ways I can share. I go through each item and love what I see but then I can find things others I know would love and I have the opportunity to gift back and share.

These Holiday Haul Boxes are perfect if you or a friend loves to decorate their homes for the holidays. The boxes have 6–9 beautiful, boutique-quality decor items per box. I love EVERY item that came in my St Patrick’s Theme Box and they were all picked for me. I just hosted some March birthdays with a dinner and the shamrock tablecloths were a hit.

With Holiday Haul Box you can send or buy 1 box or a subscription. A box is $79.99 shipped but you are easily getting well over that in value. If you choose to subscribe, you will receive coordinated holiday decor items for 7 holidays: Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter or Passover, the 4th of July, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas or Hanukkah. Pick your box delivery now at holidayhaulbox.com

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These Holiday Haul Boxes are so cute for house decoration! Green is the color of the year!