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Opal Apples, the only naturally non-browning, non-GMO apples

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Opal Apples, the only naturally non-browning, non-GMO apples

A post about apples. This is new to me but very much needed. There is not a sweeter treat then a crisp apple full of flavor…until it browns on you. It doesn’t take long for most apples to brown either. Then it is a bummer when you are like me and eat with your eyes so if it is brown – apples, bananas, potatoes I don’t crave them anymore and choose another food. Opal® apples are a game changer and now they have kids packs available.

Opal apples are non-browning, non GMO and so full of sweet flavor! They are yellow and have a bit of a floral aroma making them perfect for baking, but only if you love the smell of apples baking in your kitchen!

Because Opal apples don’t easily brown they are great to last in salads, to cut up with dips for kids snacks they can can come and go to in the afternoon and their aromas are great for baking as I mentioned already.

Opal apples are available at select locations across the USA and Canada. Visit the Opal apples website for more information, store locator and delicious recipes.

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Sarah L

I’ve never heard of non browning apples. Would be so good for apple salad.

monique s

I have never heard of this kind of apple. I will keep an eye out for them

Shelly Peterson

I love apples. I haven’t heard of these before


My youngest sister’s middle name is Opal! I knew it was a stone, but like others this is the first i’m hearing of an apple by that name. Apples are prone to be thrown out due to turning brown so these will definitely be worth purchasing.

Dana Rodriguez

I love apples. These sound really good!


I’ve heard of them but haven’t tried them yet.

Susan Lenort

I read that they are grown in one orchard in SW Washington state. Peak season is Dec – Mar. They are so tasty! I like a light sprinkle of sea salt on em!