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Oops Scoops, is a sweet new ice cream stacking game from YULU!

The first game a child plays are stacking games. From blocks to play cups they love to stack until it all comes crashing down. They are testing limits, learning to strategize and with it and then comes shapes and space. When they have grown out of blocks, what a better stacking toy than scoops of ice cream!

Oops Scoops is a fun stacking game that challenges players take turns stacking the ice cream scoops on ‘Oops’ the ice cream cone. Players compete to build the tallest ice cream tower, but beware, ‘Oops’ the shaking cone, can shiver to make the stacking even more challenging and causing the tower of scoops to topple.

The scoop has a lever that spins and tells you how many scoops you have each turn. It is rated for ages 4+ and requires 2 AAA batteries (not included). In no time they will be attempting to stack as the cone shifts and vibrates. If that is too challenging for them, turn off the vibration mode or play ‘Pass the Cone’. Game options are in the included instruction booklet.

For more information on YULU check out Oops scoops can be found at Target stores in the US. Coming soon to Canada.

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