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ONANOFF Expands BuddyPhones+ Series with Cosmo+ Headphones

ONANOFF Expands BuddyPhones+ Series with Cosmo+ Headphones

ONANOFF is the brand responsible for BuddyPhones, the kid-safe, kid-proof, and kid-friendly headphones. They have just added to their BuddyPhones+ line with these BuddyPhones Cosmos+. These are over-ear, wired or wireless headphones with a mic for kids. They come in 6 color choices and I have the ‘cool blue’.

BuddyPhones and case

The safety is in the design and sound. The headphones combine ANC (active noise-cancelling) technology 3 SafeAudio75/85/94dB Volume Limit, Study Mode and a detachable mic. You’ll also love the 24 hour battery life and the Answer/Playback button.

foldable headphones

BuddyPhones only uses BPA- and phthalate-free materials. They also include a built-in audio splitter BuddyJack  allows up to four headphones to connect to the same device with included connector. They come with a very durable case to keep the sharing splitter, charger and mic tucked in safe when not in use. These are so comfortable on the ear with plenty of adjustment for any kids size.

kids headphones

With all of these fantastic features these make terrific headphones. Great for back to school and gift ideas. Learn more on the product page. Also available on Amazon.

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