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Oliver The Ornament Boxed Gift Set: Sharing Holiday Memories

If you have been wanting to start a yearly Holiday tradition with the kids, Oliver the Ornament sets are the perfect gift to create special holiday memories. We all know of other book and plush traditions and there are many similar ones now being thought of with the same idea of a story or activity leading up to Christmas. However, Oliver the Ornament is unique. How?

This is book 1 in a series of 7 books. Oliver the Ornament: Boxed Gift Set will end in a cliff hanger so your kids will anticipate what happens next and they can set you up for story number 2 next Holidays season or however you space out the series.

The Story

Oliver is the Nelson family’s very first ornament among the box of years worth of special tree decor. When the time came for the Nelson’s to get their tree and decorate it the ornaments were so excited. In the attic they couldn’t wait for the big tree day where they will be displayed. However, Oliver seems to be getting bullied over his injury and that leads to him almost being lost this season. In the end, Oliver keeps his positive spirit and leads the family to sharing stories to the kids of how each ornament came to be a part of the Nelson tree.

It’s a story of kindness, tradition, love, friendship, forgiveness, and joy. The perfect Holiday story, especially for children having a difficult time for any reason.

Oliver The Ornament Meets Belle Gift Set – book 2 is available now. This book tells the story of how Belle entered the family’s collection of ornaments. 

Buying options

  • Oliver the Ornament: Book 1 and Ornament $29.95
  • Oliver The Ornament Meets Belle: Book 2 and Ornament $29.95
  • Oliver the Ornament: Book 1 + Book 2 (with ornaments) $50 (save $10)
  • Individual ornaments only $14.95
  • Buy 1: Gift 1 (signed and numbered ornament) $50 (discounted)
  • Buy a Boxed Gift Set to be sent to a child in the Hospital $20 (discounted)
  • Plus extras: snow globes, book only, puzzles


For every book sold here during the month of October, another will be donated to a hospitalized child.

A portion of all book’s sales is earmarked for children’s charities and hundreds have already been donated to children’s hospitals across the country. The book is sold in more than 350 stores across the country and online at olivertheornament.

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Marielaina Perrone DDS

Very intereting………had never heard of this before.

Marielaina Perrone DDS

Very interesting…..had never heard of this befo re.