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Num Noms Art Cart Play Set

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Num Noms logo

The popular scented Num Noms are back and in series 2 there is so much more fun. I am featuring the Art Cart Playset. Collecting the Num Noms Light Mystery packs will give you light-up characters to make the Art Cart come to life for playtime.

Num Noms art cart

About the Art Cart Playset

  • ruler/stencil
  • scented ink pad
  • scented stamper Nom
  • scented pencil and eraser Nom
  • 3 scented eraser Noms

Num Noms features

About Lights Mystery Packs

What you find inside is a mystery! Freezie Pops, Snow Cones & Glitter Gummies •1 Scented Num (outer) in a variety of flavors •1 Scented Nom (inner) lights up in 2 colors! •Packaged inside a juice carton.



The newest addition to the Num Noms are: Lights Series 1 Mystery Packs and the Lights Freezie Pop Maker. You can find them at many retailers and on Amazon.

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