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I was sent samples. May contain affiliate links. Opinions are my own.

To my Low Carb; Low Sugar followers! I found the best KETO desserts to buy and it is available on Amazon! I am aware this is not for strict KETO, but I am not on a strict KETO plan so I get to indulge in these No Sugar Aloud desserts!

I was sent the Brownie Mix, Golden Cake mix and OhSome Bread mix. Tonight I have baked up the brownies and my husband and I have both enjoyed ours!

The brownies are made with certified gluten free almond flour, no sugar added premium Belgian chocolate, and organic peanut butter. So far so good. Let’s learn more about the ingredients – No Sugar Added , No Artificial Sweeteners, No Bitter Aftertaste, Gluten Free, No Milk, Egg Free, Vegan, Keto Friendly, Paleo Friendly, Diabetic Friendly, No Artificial Anything.

Making these takes 10 minutes to bake in oven or 90 seconds in the microwave and some cooling time. You won’t need any oils, eggs or butter – just water!

As you can see by reading the label that net carbs is only about 3g. If you bake with almond four and stevia blends then you already may wonder how the consistency is. It is fantastic! The peanut butter icing makes it and I love the crunch of the nut topping.

Here is a tasty tip. I have a KETO vanilla ice cream I love that also has no added sugars. So, stretch these cakes to last longer by spooning half a brownie into a bowl (or a whole one if you can with your micros or a cheat night) and top with vanilla ice cream. If I am eating the brownie later on I nuke it about 12 seconds so it is super soft and add my ice cream. O-M-G!!

Whether you desire cake, bread or brownies, No Sugar Allowed is a great dessert on have on hand. The next Amazon order you do, have these KETO desserts in your cart ready to arrive! The price point reflects the ‘bread can only be done with premium ingredients, is mixed in small batches by hand by a professional chef. Plus everything is in the box including the baking tin’.

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