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No Mess Window Cleaning with Scoopy

I was sent a sample for feature

No Mess Window Cleaning with Scoopy
There are many gross house cleaning situations we often find ourselves in and mildew from sitting water in showers and window sills is one of them! The mildew forms from condensation or residual water and cleaners that create mildew stains. Scoopy is a no-mess window cleaning and glass cleaning solution and I was sent one to try out for myself.
The box comes with the Scoopy blade, microfiber towel and handle reservoir. If you can see in the image below, I collected a good amount of residual water and cleaner just after one sliding glass door cleaning. If I did not have the reservoir, that moisture would drip to the bottom and be a mildew mess in the door jam. I have new, upgraded windows and sliders and I don’t want the ‘black mess’ visual.
You can find the Scoopy on Amazon and $2 of your purchase paid is donated to the ALA for healthy homes to all families. Another great benefit is that you now have water to reuse in plants if you are collecting condensation from shower stalls, sliders and windows. Simply spray your cleaners or make a water solution and apply to windows, attach the handle and swipe upwards with the blade. The moisture drips back down into the handle.
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