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Nixplay Seed Edition WiFi Cloud Frame

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Nixplay Seed Frame

More than an electronic photo frame, the Nixplay Seed Edition frame keeps all of your loved ones connected. By this, I mean that this frame stores photos you have taken or photos that family and friends you approve can add to and instantly have them displayed in your home. I’ll explain how this works below. Can you imagine a child’s birthday party that all family may not be able to attend, but they can send photos and even add text right to the home on the displayed frame? That would make the day even more special.

The Nixplay Seed comes in 3 sizes and 4 colors. You can order a 7, 8 or 10 inch frame in black, blue, mango or mulberry. The frame comes with the newly updated mobile app for iOS and Android. The frame is always ‘on’. It uses Wi-Fi connectivity to display photos sent from anywhere in the world instantly. You can send photos using the mobile app or web app. No memory cards or sticks are used. The frame rests on it’s own cord to stand up.


The first thing you do is turn on your frame and follow the on screen instructions. Using your remote you will connect the frame to your Nixplay account. To get a free Nixplay account, simply head to and register. Once your frame is connected you will be directed to the main menu of the screen. You now need to add photos so you can choose a display option.

By using the mobile app or web app, you can get photos from your own files, Facebook, Instagram, Google, Dropbox or Flickr. To set mine up I sat at my computer and worked in each platform uploading the pictures I wanted into playlists I created in my Nixplay photo board. I also downloaded the app so I can instantly send a photo to my playlists right after taking the shot. You no longer need to wait until you get home and try to remember to upload your photos of the day. From the app you can grab a photo from your phone or tablet gallery instantly.

Once I had a playlist active I decided there were some settings I wanted to customizing from the default ones on the frame. Grab your frame’s remote and hit the setting button to access frame, network, display, time zone settings as well as look for current updates and some additional advanced settings. I corrected my time zone to the correct PST and decided I want the frame to auto shut-off after 10 minutes if we leave the room. The frame can sense movement so it has that option. I also chose to have photos fit-to-screen and I wanted the clock displayed so I checked that option.

Within setting you can also chose transition types, shuffle photos or have a continuous display. You can also set the brightness among other detailed options.

I keep mine on my office desk and the boys love walking by and stopping to watch the current playlist. My frame pictured in the 10 inch frame in blue. Visit Nixplay Seed Frames to learn more.