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Nirvana natural spring water for life-enhancing benefits of HMB

Nirvana natural spring water for life-enhancing benefits of HMB

Life-enhancing water with HMB? What could that possibly mean? In my personal trend of eating cleaner, finding better hydration (per my Dr) and exercising, I am a huge believer that water is not all the same and an infused water or an electrolyte water is truly a better hydration from a cellular level. Cellular hydration is exactly what your body truly craves and a .25 cent bottle of plain water won’t include the benefits to make your cells happy (alone). So, I drink plenty of filtered water but include at least 1 bottle of infused water with electrolytes or additives to help properly hydrate me through fitness. And, it always tastes better!

Recently, I was sent a case of Nirvana muscle wellness waters with HMB. I immediately googled this water to learn more and I really did not understand what the benefits of HMB was. Let me share what I learned!

HMB is (β-hydroxy β-methylbutyrate), a naturally-produced substance in your body that supports muscle health. Our bodies are always producing, then breaking down muscle protein. As we age, we produce less and breakdown more, creating an imbalance and a slow muscle loss or slow muscle healing. When we are younger our HMB keeps the breaking down of muscle at a slower pace so the older we get, the more need for HMB and scientific research has found that just 2 to 3 grams of HMB a day can reverse muscle loss and improve muscle wellness. Nirvana water gives you that!

If you exercise at any pace, having faster muscle recovery is important for best results. Replacing just one standard water bottle with a bottle of Nirvana HMB water is the hydration your muscles want!

Nirvana also makes a Select water (electrolytes). Shop Nirvana today!

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