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New Kandoo Potty Time Training Packs

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Woohoo! Summer is here and the weather is warmer, the days are longer and your child needs to learn to use that potty once and for all. Right? Summer has always been this unspoken, obvious season to start a potty training regimen. We sense family trips and camping adventure and suddenly we realize how much easier our lives would be if that child of ours was potty trained so Kandoo came up with an all-exclusive box filled with everything you need to not only make potty training a success, but fun for your child.


If you told your toddler they can do a simple task and in return wear a cape for a few hours, wouldn’t they go nuts and do anything for a cape? My son would have! There is a cape in the box. Now think about telling your toddler you have access to some new fun songs to listen to and they will be hooked. This potty kit gets you access to fun songs for potty training. Now, what if you told them you have new bathroom goodies to turn that bland room with a potty into THEIR potty time space-stickers, wall charts, their own soap and wipes? Those are in the kit too. Genius!

What’s Inside:


  • 150 count Kandoo wipes (3 refills!)
  • Kandoo tub with 50 wipes and stickers to decorate your child’s tub
  • Foaming Hand Soap
  • 42 count flushable wipes
  • It’s Potty Time – A Potty Training Story for kids booklet
  • Super Power Cape
  • Kandoo Growth Chart
  • 3 Free Music Downloads
  • Kandoo Coupons


My son is 8 but I would have been all over this pack when I had begun potty training him. He was a cape wearing, “that is my soap, not yours” kind of toddler and I truly feel that potty training would have been more of a fun adventure than a sticker on a chore chart for him had he been exposed to all that the Kandoo Potty Time Training Pack has.


The price? Only $20. So head over to the Potty Time Pack online store so you can make potty training a fun adventure for your child. PLUS you can sign up for the Potty Training Hacks newsletter so you get those constant ideas in your inbox to try. You’ll also find a lot of resources to help you out at that newsletter link as well.
Kandoo Potty Time Pack turns potty training from a chore to an adventure.
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