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The NEW Floating Comfort Fiberfill Pillow Review

The NEW Floating Comfort™ Fiberfill Pillow

This is a ‘floating pillow’. That means that there is water within this pillow. Why? Because we do what it takes to get the best sleep possible and like many therapy techniques water heals and supports and within a pillow the support for your neck is fantastic with this new Floating Comfort Fiberfill pillow.

I have to admit that when I opened my pillow and the instructions I was a bit nervous about adding water to my pillow then sleeping on it with our expensive mattress that has a remote and air hoses. What if it leaked? It has been about 2 weeks and I am in love with my pillow-no leaking at all!

To prepare your pillow it takes about 2 minutes. I added the amount of water per the guide for the firmness I wanted. I then squeezed the access air from the water bladder and replaced the twist cap. They provide a funnel for you so you will get the water right where it needs to be inside the pillow.

Then you place the pillow spout side down and get that water float comfort and neck support all night. The shaping of my pillow does not change. It feels the exact same firmness night after night. It is also flexible so I can still grab and wad it up in spots which I like to do. The technology?

“Every Mediflow® pillow has 2 layers – on the bottom our proprietary adjustable waterbase that provides responsive support for the neck – on top a soft, plump layer of our exclusive CombedLoft™ cloud-like Dacron® polyester providing exceptional comfort for the head. Traditional single-layer pillows can only provide comfort or support depending on the filling but never both. What’s more, you can even customize the waterbase when you add water to achieve the ultimate amount of support as you desire! Create the most comfortable pillow available for your specific sleeping needs!”

By visiting Mediflow there are a few pillow options besides the Floating Comfort pillow. So, go ahead and see them all and get the proper comfort that will last! No buyers remorse! Also available on Amazon.

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