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New Essential Oil Blends from GuruNanda

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New Essential Oil Blends from GuruNanda
Several months ago I received my very first essential oil diffuser and it was a GuruNanda diffuser that came with some oils. I now own 2 more and have them throughout my home and have even given diffusers as gifts. They work so well in my home I like to share the joy and I am often asked what oils to use and why should someone own an essential oil diffuser. Now GuruNanda has new essential oil blends that bring you relief and emotional healing.
Benefits of using a GuruNanda essential oil diffuser
  • You can control the diffuser-set to continuous or intermittent on many models
  • They have proven antibacterial and antimicrobial properties-they can destroy the microbes in the air
  • The oils are available as natural and healing scents providing calming and immune strengthening benefits
  • You can select the best oils for your needs-anti-stress, anti-depressant, relaxation, etc..
  • All GuruNanda scents are safe and beneficial, even for children in diffusers 
  • No bulbs or high heat sources within the units
About the GuruNanda Oil Blends
  • Tranquility: The sweet, apple-like aroma of Roman chamomile soothes skin flare-ups and body aches while calming and relaxing. The Frankincense and Ho wood give a therapeutic and calming effect on the skin, mind and body.
  • Relaxation: Frankincense, Ho wood and Camphor are blended to create a soothing balance perfect for that end of the day de-stress. It is relaxing, restorative, gently clarifying and meditative.
  • Calming Sleep: The blend of Lavender, Marjoram and Chamomile will bring serenity to your bedtime routine
  • Harmony: The blends of Mandarin, Bergamot and Sweet Orange provide a calming and soothing aroma for our emotional fortitude
  • Breathe Easy: The cooling and warming effects of peppermint with Lemon promotes respiratory health so you can feel refreshed and energized
  • Focus: Stay grounded and focused with the blend of Lemongrass and Rosemary to soothe aching muscles and Citronella to relieve anxiety, sadness and negative feelings
  • Invigorate: The refreshing blend of grapefruit for a cleansing and purifying effect to relieve fatigue, Lemon for cleansing and Peppermint for comfort. Truly invigorating to breathe it all in.
  • Refresh: For the pick me up you crave, the Cedar wood is soothing for your emotions, the Siberian fur needles and Clary sage lightens your mood to provide you more positive energy
You are able to place the diffusers in your home and office and choose oils that are right for the mood of that space. Set a diffuser in your room with relaxing oils or in your office for immune boosting oils. 
If you are new to oils and have an infant or toddler, remember that oils like Peppermint alter your mood and energize so it could counteract tiredness and make naps and bedtime difficult if diffusing near their room, but do wonders at awake time for their mood. The oils really do their job and choosing the right blends for the right times are a huge benefit to everyone in the family. Make sure you choose oils that are only 100% natural such as the ones at GuruNanda.

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