New Children’s Books for Fall Reading

New Children's Books for Fall Reading

I have had a blast reviewing some new children’s books for fall reading and these are a hit! Brought to you by Chronicle Books, these will keep your child engaged and inspired.


The Pop-Up Guide: Vehicles

Written by: Maud Poulain. At the city, on a construction site, in an emergency, on the road, in the fields, for shipping, at sea, at a race and in the sky you see vehicles. They are all in this stunning pop-up book! Vehicles are all labeled and the illustrations are engaging. Rated ages 3-5. Buy on Amazon ($16.99 hardcover).

Every Little Kindness

Every Little Kindness

Written by: Marta Bartolj. Marta is an illustrator and Artist from Slovenia and this book is 100% art. NO words at all, just a story with pictures and you can’t wait to turn the next page within the vents that lead up to a happy ending. No words are needed, you will get a story so magical and kind. Such a unique book for 2021. Rated ages 5-8. Buy on Amazon ($17.99 hardcover).

Let's Be Safe

Let’s Be Safe (Pull & Play Book)

Written by: Alice Le Henand. How safe can each frind be, Pull the flap and see the safe choices they each can make in their situations. This is such an engaging book with adorable illustrations. Rated ages 0-3. Buy on Amazon ($12.99 hardcover).


Barkus The Most Fun

Written by: Patricia Maclachlan. Barkus is back! He is so much fun. This time he and Baby the kitten star in a parade, visit a farm and brings surprises. This Barkus book is just as full of Doggy adventures as the others. Rates ages 6-9. Preorder with Chronicle Books ($14.99 hardcover)

Mr Watson's Chickens

Mr. Watson’s Chickens

Written by Jarrett Dapier. Mr. Watson lives with Mr. Nelson and they have 3 chickens…to start! Mr. Watson’s chic kens soon multiply by the hundreds and Mr. Nelson is becoming very annoyed. Mr Watson does not want Mr. Nelson upset so they find a way to give these chickens a loving home to save their relationship. But, as they (finally) get the chickens a new home, it starts all over again! Rated ages 3-5. Buy on Amazon ($17.99 hardcover)

Spooky: A Sleuth & Solve Book

Spooky: A Sleuth & Solve Book

Written by Victor Escandell. We love Sleuth & Solve books in my home. There lies a mystery or puzzle to solve aon every page and this book is about spooky decoding and mind-twisting mysteries. These mind-bending mini-mysteries inspired by classic creepy characters feature familiar fiends as well as terrifying new tales of ghosts, witches, and more! Rated ages 8-12. Buy on Amazon ($16.68 hardcover).

A Christmas Wish For You

My Christmas Wish For You

Written by: Lisa Swerling & Ralph Lazar. This rhyming book is a touching celebration of the holiday spirit, from spreading Christmas cheer to spending sweet moments together with the ones you love. Rayed ages 3-5. Buy on Amazon ($14.99 hardcover)

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