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New Children’s Book for Picky Eaters

New Children's Book for Picky Eaters

I Don’t Like To Eat Ants

by: JTK Belle

I Don’t Like To eat Ants is a fun book for picky eaters. This is a story about Anteater #1 and Anteater #2. They are having a hard time understanding each other when it comes to eating ants (or not). Have you ever had to place rules about ‘trying something new’ for a picky eater? This is that story. Your picky eater will see the fun in trying something new the way this story ends.

Official Description

Anteater One is one adventurous eater. He’ll try anything – a grilled cheese sandwich, a nice salad, or a chocolate cake – but he’s eaten his last ant. Anteater Two only wants ants to eat. Anteater Three has the perfect solution: a reservation at his world-famous Peanut Butter & Jelly Deli, where the anteaters can discuss the very important question of what to eat for lunch.

By Picklefish Press, this book is available for pre-order on Amazon with an August 1, 2019 release date.

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