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New Babysitter Tips and Printable Checklists #MommyMustHaves

I have been compensated by JOHNSONS® Baby for this post; however, I am sharing my own thoughts. All opinions are my own.

New Babysitter Tips and Printable Checklists

I was always fortunate to live across town from family with our son. With my 2 older bonus boys we can just rearrange custody days so we could send them to Mom’s if we had plans and she can do the same with us. Even though family would take the boys at various times, it was always nice to hand them tips and necessities.

Our youngest is 9 and has always been very habitual (like my husband). For instance, if he was in need of a bath the night we are out he would expect his same bubbles and shampoo. I always use JOHNSON’S® Baby Shampoo and eventually began using their BEDTIME® Lavender wash. He loves the bath washes that smell good and this one is so relaxing.


He also has other habits like reading in his book and being allowed some video game time leading up to bed. These are all nice to note for a babysitter so they can keep the routine as normal as possible for the kids. Having these babysitter tips handy helps the kids moods and excitement levels and that helps the sitter as well.

Babysitter Tips Main Checklist

This is the stationary checklist you can keep up and only need to replace if major contacts, medical information or routines change.

Download the Babysitter Checklists

Babysitter Checklist -2

Use this checklist below every time you leave the kids with a babysitter. This checklist has that day’s notes and meal plans for the babysitter

Another handy thing to leave out for a sitter is a ‘babysitter emergency box’. Kids get bumps and small cuts, they get messy and even get fevers and bugs. A sitter is not going to be familiar with where you keep all of your essentials, so having a basket with main essentials out is always a good idea. Even if I send our son to family to stay, I put these items in a large ziploc in his suitcase because relatives may not have these children essentials in their homes if he needs them. What do I keep in mine?

  • Infant/Children’s Tylenol
  • JOHNSON’S® Band-aids
  • Cleaning Wipes
  • Cotton Swabs
  • Ointments
  • Benadryl

babysitter kit

Then I also double check that his shampoos/washes are available near the bath and his oral care products are ready by the sink. Or if he is being watched out of the home, those go into a large ziploc as well and sent in his suitcase.

With brands like JOHNSON’S® Baby available at Walmart they are trusted to be easily found and available for many more generations to come. Having a habitual child means using brands you know you can consistently buy and have available for them at bed, bath and routine times.

Do you have a routine for your babysitter to follow?

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