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New at Target are the Wild Walls Animated wall Art from Uncle Milton

This is a product review for Uncle Milton toys. All opinions are 100% my own.

Your child’s walls will come to life with Wild Walls 

Does your child’s wall decals make sounds and light up? If you have not seen these Wild Walls by Uncle Milton in action, we show you in our video below from Reviews by Anthony. Target saw the value and now has the Wild Walls available in select stores and at and no set is over $23! These are your like other wall decals you may have for your child’s room that easily remove and reapply so you can rearrange them as you wish on the walls. The Wild Walls kit comes with the 1 screw kit you need to hang your sound and light machine. Turn it on and see where you need to stick the decals so they will illuminate in a dark room with the sound machine. Your child will have a blast as their walls come to life.

Wild Walls come in the characters above. Little Mermaid, Puppy Stars, Fairies, Iron Man, Spiderman, Cars, Jungle, Dolphins, Toy Story, Dinosaurs and the one my son picked out-Shark Encounter! Watch as Anthony demonstrated his Shark Encounter Wild Walls for you below…

The Wild Walls set comes complete with batteries and ready to hang and interact with your child. There are 2 settings on the light & sound machine so you can play a short frame by pressing the button or you can set it to continuous play and it will auto-shut off after some time. This mode is best at bedtime so they don’t have to keep getting up to replay the sound and light show. 

Do you want to hear the sounds that each Wild Walls makes? If you visit the Wild Walls page at UncleMilton you will get to sample the sounds. My son listened to every sound over and over again and decided on the Shark Encounter so he can “…feel like he’s in the Ocean” as he put it! I do not have daughters, but I loved The Little Mermaid when it came out and that Wild Wall plays the theme song from the sound machine and that one was my favorite. I can’t talk my husband into a Little Mermaid Wild Wall in our bedroom though!

Visit and to learn more about how to bring your child’s walls to life!


You can win a Target Gift Card by finding Wild walls at your local Target store and taking a selfie! Details at:

Disclosure: ParentingHealthy was provided the product above. All opinions are 100% my own.  was compensated with product from UncleMilton and Target stores is just a mention.

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My Captivating Life

Wow! These are awesome! They are going on our Christmas list!!!

Gabe and Libby

OMGosh – these are so cool. I think I know what a bunch of the grand kids are getting for Christmas this year! Thanks for sharing:-)

Erinn Sluka

I do too! The Little Mermaid is cute and plays the theme song!

Mel Cole

I wish our wall is blank and would love to add wall decals like this to stand out.

Randi Poole

Oh man my boys would LOVE this!!!


Oh that's cool. I want one for my wall

Krystal Bernier

Looks like a fun toy, thank you for sharing.


That is so cool! i love that it lights up.

Michelle F.

Today's The Best Day

How FUN!! Laila would love the Tinkerbell one too!! I haven't seen these!

Erinn Sluka

The dinosaur is cool-scary sounds!

Erinn Sluka

They are a lot of fun and with auto shut off-it is great at bedtime!

Mom of Two

My kids would love these. I think my daughter would pick TInkerbell and my son would pick dinosaurs.

The GO Mamas

Oh wow! When I first saw them I didn't know they made sounds also. That would be amazing to have in the kids room. An interactive wall decal sounds like it would be tons of fun for the kids.


These are awesome! my son might be a little old for them, but I still think they're cool!