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Seriously! You Need To Know What is in Your Sunscreen

Thank you to Goddess Garden for partnering with me on this feature

Seriously! You Need To Know What is in Your Sunscreen

You heard it and maybe you rolled your eyes….Hawaii bans certain sunscreens. Great! Another everyday product you are not supposed to use anymore. The Oxybenzone ingredient that is the center of the ban is in most sunscreens and IS INDEED VERY UNSAFE! Sorry! Like when everyone smoked cigarettes because it’s just what everyone did. Only later did we realize we made a mistake accepting cigarette smoking for so long due to known health effects, so did we accept Oxybenzone and other similar ingredients into our sunscreens for too long.

Please! Before you read on would you humor me and go grab your sunscreen right now?

I’ll help you look at the label and if you go through your label with me and still aren’t convinced or maybe you are using the right sunscreen, then pardon me for this little extra education. If you read through this and toss that sunscreen across the room and run to bathe your child real quick, then this feature was worth it!

Do you see the ingredient, Oxybenzone? This chemical is well-known in sunscreens and absorbs through your skin layers and will enter your blood stream. This chemical is in the same class as BPA, only stronger. The EWG has rated oxybenzone an 8 on their toxicity rating scale, meaning it is one of the most toxic ingredients found in cosmetic products. Yikes!

Do you see Parabens? These are in many sunscreens, bath products and beauty brands. It is a preservative and is genuinely linked to cancer and add in the sun UVB rays to get damaged DNA and an increase in skin aging.

Moving down the ingredient list, do you see Phthalates? These and your hormones DO NOT get along. Guess where you won’t find these ingredients? In mineral sunscreens like Goddess Garden. Natural, or mineral-based, sunscreens instead reflect the sun’s rays, like a mirror on the skin and they rub in sheer and start working immediately.

Goddess Garden sunscreen varieties do not contain the PABA, parabens, phthalates, BPA, Oxybenzone, Avobenzone, Petroleum or toxic chemicals that most brands may contain and absorb through all of the skin layers.

How did your sunscreen fair? Let’s just start right with a natural and mineral sunscreen and take one health worry off of our plates while we enjoy the outdoors!

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