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Naturally clean your Dog’s teeth with Zukes Z-Bones

This is a promotional post for Zuke’s. Opinions are my own

Naturally clean your Dog's teeth with Zukes Z-Bones


When my sister and her husband woke up one Tuesday morning last year as a newlywed couple, they decided suddenly to go look at dog’s. They were in a home and pet less so they found a P.A.W.S. shelter and immediately fell in love with a shepherd mix named Gracie. Gracie was not getting along with other Dog’s in her last home so a pet less home with a young couple who will treat her like their child was the perfect match for her and them. My sister and brother-in-law hit the perfect dog jackpot with Gracie. She is the sweetest dog ever and besides some barking issues when left alone or sees a dog, they see no threatening aggression from her towards other pets. She has a bit of separation anxiety that has greatly improved and she wouldn’t harm a fly. Gracie is their baby, she gets the best and healthiest foods, vet care and attention & maintenance at home fit for a dog living the good life. I was contacted by Zuke’s for their natural Z-Bones to help clean a dog’s mouth and freshen their breath without the chemicals and preservatives. I knew this was a product my sister would love for Gracie. I was sent 2 bags that fit around her weight and she loves them!
Besides chemicals and artificial ingredients that are found in many pet treats and foods, splintering and intestinal injuries are also concerns pet owners have when giving their pet a new brand. Zuke’s products are safe and natural for your dog’s benefit. I trust Zuke’s Z-Bones and because Gracie loves them, so do we!
Dental hygiene is also very important. Neglecting your pet’s teeth leads to many complications from teeth extractions and infections to heart disease from bacteria overgrowth. Using a hygiene treat like Zuke’s Z-Bones means no more awkward dog teeth brushing as if your Dog had that sort of patience! They get a treat and you get a dog with cleaner teeth and freshened breath!
About Zuke’s Z-Bones
  • Made in the USA
  • Grain-free
  • Whole food fruits and vegetables
  • Pea and potato-based proteins
  • Highly digestible
  • Contains nutrient-rich apples, carrots and cherries for antioxidants
  • Freshness comes from Alfalfa, parsley, rosemary and fennel
  • Fortified with vitamins and minerals
  • No chemicals, color dyes, harsh additives, preservatives, wheat gluten, cornstarch or synthetic chlorophyll
Current Promotion


“Fuel the Love – Fuel the Cure,” starting on May 1 through June 30, 2015


This initiative invites and inspires Zuke’s fans to share photos of their dogs in action and loving life. For every person who follows @ZukesPets on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, and tags their action-packed photo with #FuelTheCure, Zuke’s will donate $5 to The Dog and Cat Cancer Fund. Proving that a picture can be worth more than just a thousand words, the campaign turns pictures into money – money that will support The Dog and Cat Cancer Fund (DCCFund), a non-profit organization dedicated to understanding, treating and preventing canine and feline cancer. The funds raised will be used to provide much-needed financial assistance to pet parents whose dogs and cats are suffering from cancer and to increase awareness of DCCFund as a resource to help.  Here is a link to more info:


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