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Natural Remedy gifts from Carex and Bed Buddy At Home

I was provided samples for feature

Some of the best gifts to give are ones that you know are so much appreciated in their time of need. What makes these gifts even better is if they can heal and bring comfort in natural ways. Carex has the line of Bed Buddy products that I have been using for a while now starting with the Buddy ThermaTherapy Bear I got for my son years ago and he loves to use when sick. Since then the products have become even more beneficial and some with added essential oils for better relief.
Plush ThermaTherapy

The Bed Buddy plush products in this line provide moist heat and relaxing aromatherapy. You can get the Neck Wrap, All-Over Comfort Pack and Neck & Hand Wrap. They have a luxurious feel that molds to your body. You’ll love the lavender and chamomile scent!
The Original Bed Buddy 
With products like the Buddy Bear that you heat in the microwave for a warm snuggle to the Sinus Pack that helps relieve that uncomfortable sinus pressure. These make great gifts for anyone!
Bed Buddy At Home Relaxation

These products are colorful and full of warmth and scents to relax your tired body. You can find Foot Warmers, Relaxing Masks and Comfort Wraps infused with the essential oils of lavender, lavender & rose or lavender & mint. 
I invite you to go see all of the options so you can choose what fits you or a gift recipient you know best! The packaging is always fun to make for a great gift!
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