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National Park Gifts for your Child about Outdoor Play and Forest Fun

National Park Gifts for your Child about Outdoor Play and Forest Fun

Books and Flash cards are great education tools for your children. Whether teaching colors, shapes or even about science and nature, your child can put concepts together and feel more connected to these topics through such learning tools and it makes learning fun. Gibbs-Smith has books and tools about nature, STEM and animals. Living in the Pacific Northwest has us admiring forests and mountains where camping and hiking are common family events for most. For my nephew, I wanted him to have these books and cards about National Parks.

The book, How To Play in the Woods is a fun camping tool. With simple items you find around camp, you get suggested fun such as music sticks, make rope from plant materials and more projects and games. The kids will self-entertain for hours and learn about nature as well. It is not a bad thing to become resourceful out in the wilderness at a young age!

The flash cards, All About National Parks features iconic animals, sights, and landmarks that make up the 27 US national parks. Included is a one-sheet map to visualize these parks locations. These are ABC cards from B-Bison, E-Everglades, S-Sequoia and more. They neatly store back in their box and the illustrations are large and bright.

These make great gifts for families who love to travel and learn together. Visit Gibbs-Smith for all of their books that make learning easy and fun!

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