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Nalgene releases winter-themed water bottles

I was sent sample for promotion

Holiday Gift Guide Feature
Nalgene starts off by reminding us of this:
If you drink 64 oz of water from a reusable water bottle per day instead of buying that same amount of water in disposable bottles you can save $2,000 per year and rescue 1,460 bottles from landfills each year. 

Given that and with the Holidays approaching, Nalgene has some fun winter designs that will make great gifts. 

Whether you want a safe water bottle that can help you with a DIY gift or looking for stocking gifts, it is great to buy products that aim to make our environment a bit healthier. Nalgene products are made in the USA and are BPA and BPS free. They are leak and odor proof. They are dishwasher safe and the parts are connected so you don’t lose the lid. 

As a parent with boys in sports, I don’t allow them to just grab any ‘ole water bottle that ends up in the house. If it is not safe, it gets tossed. Nalgene has always made water bottles I trust and allow my boys to take. I need them to have the leak proof design because they get thrown in my car and sports bags so Nalgene has never failed me with leaks or poor quality. Look for the fun winter designs for gift giving this season!

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