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MyPalmSpa skin renewal hand system is a DIY spa kit

Butter by Keba has a ‘nail DIY spa kit‘ for you to enjoy in your home called, MyPalmSpa. It is the perfect combination of skin exfoliant and moisture with a gentle scent. It is amazing how moist my hands are after treatment. I wash my hands a lot in a day at my job and doing a weekly hand/nail spa treatment with this set up makes a huge difference in treating the dryness I have always dealt with.

MyPalmSpa hand renewal kit comes with:

  • 4oz. Ginger Lemongrass Hand Scrub
  • 1oz. Lemon Basil Hand Butter
  • 1/2 oz. Lemon Basil Nail & Cuticle Oil
  • 1 Pair Cotton Washable Moisturizing Gloves
  • 1 Cuticle Stick

I start by applying the cuticle oil and using the cuticle stick to soften and clean up my nails. Then I add a bit of scrub to each hand and work it into my hands to detoxify and exfoliate. I then add some hand butter and put on the glove for about 10 minutes. Once I take that glove off it is so hard to leave my hands alone because they are so moist and soft.

Butter by Keba products are blended with the best plant-based ingredients, then infused with essential oils and phthalate-free fragrance synergies. The gentle ingredients paired with gentle scents means you get quality skincare products for yourself or as gifts. Visit Butter by Keba and find great Mother’s Day gift sets like the MyPalmSpa.

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Alabama Moore

After reading the article with recommendations, I wanted to try this procedure on my own hands. I always had problematic skin on my hands because of my work. I often visited this spa to give my hands a good look, but you don’t always have free time.