My Morning Smoothies include Collagen Peptides

 My Morning Smoothies include Collagen Peptides

Every morning as I head out to work, I make my morning smoothie to take with me. I have come to love having a smoothie for breakfast because I control what nutrients to add. I always have spinach on hand for healthy greens, avocado for fats so I stay fuller longer and snack less, flax seed for fiber and berries/fruit. I then add in protein powder and collagen powder. I am using the Collagen Peptides powder from Native Path. I read a lot of reviews on supplements and the Native Path has so many positive reviews on their products so I feel I can trust the brand.

I have tried some collagen liquids and pills that actually upset my stomach unless I take it after a meal. I can simply add a scoop or 2 of the Native Path Collagen Peptides with zero side effects. Collagen is such an important protein in our bodies and as I am in my mid-40’s, I need a boost of it. You get 10g of collagen per scoop from this jar.

Collagen supports bones, joints, skin, hair, nails, digestion and more! There are over 25 different types of collagen and Native Path includes Type I and III which, together, makes up 90% of the collagen our bodies naturally produce. I also love that it is certified grass fed protein from pasture-raised cows.

As the name suggests, you won’t find added chemicals but ingredients from nature. I use the unflavored, but you can choose from a variety of flavors. Native Path also has other supplements your body needs with natural ingredients you can trust. Visit Native Path today!

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