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My Goodness Healthy and Natural Deodorant for all ages

I was sent samples for feature

My Goodness Healthy and Natural Deodorant for all ages
I have an almost 8 year old son and not long ago I noticed him rubbing his armpit area. He is athletic and in sports. Right now he plays flag football and has been asked to fill in for a soccer team the next 2 weeks so we have been juggling two sports practices and games. I imagine all that hard play has his body working at its max some days. After asking him why he’s rubbing and he says they itch, I looked for any flaws or irritations. None, but a bit of an odor so that led to the deodorant talk.
About the time I told him I would look for a gentle deodorant yet had no idea what is a safe and natural brand for him, I was contacted by My Goodness natural deodorant brand. The creator is a Mom like me that wanted something for her son that was safe. Like my son, her son suddenly needed a deodorant after she saw him holding his arms in an awkward position indicating discomfort. When she came up dissatisfied with a pure deodorant for her child, she created My Goodness with no toxins or aluminum.
With My Goodness, the most likely way to buy is in the sets. This is because these are specially formulated for different uses. You can use just the standard body or foot deodorant, but the soothing comes in handy for a younger child or after a fresh shave and Lite is great for low sweat and children as well. My Goodness is vegan, hypoallergenic, gluten free and stain free.
  • Sensitive skin with light or moderate sweating/odor ⇒ My Goodness™ Soothing Deodorant
  • Sensitive skin types, Low to normal sweat level  My Goodness™ Deodorant Lite
  • Normal skin types. Low to high sweat levels  My Goodness™ Deodorant Regular
  • Normal skin and very high sweat Levels ⇒ My Goodness™ Deodorant Max
  • Normal skin and ultra high sweat Levels  My Goodness™ Deodorant Ultra
I gave myself a bit of a razor burn under my arms this past week and could not wait to shower and dry off so I can apply the Soothing deodorant. There was no pain applying and it is so soothing and throughout the day that harsh redness began to subside. I have done this before and it takes days to recover until now.

Now that I have a young son using deodorant as needed I like the lite and soothing for him because he does not have a heavy sweat, but I don’t want him feeling uncomfortable after a long game or practice. I am so excited this brand is here so I can feel safe using it on him. You apply with your fingers-like a lotion. No mess and it works great! 
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