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My first ebook is available! Love Should Not Hurt

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I did it-it’s published!

About Love Should Not Hurt

Love Should Not Hurt: Letting Go of the Pain to Live in Freedom is my story as a domestic violence survivor as well as my story of how I let my emotions get the best of me after I left my abuser. You will hear my journey and possibly relate to my decision to push down the 6 years of my violent relationship and never think about it again.

Unfortunately, the human mind does not work like that. You cannot take trauma or feelings of stress and just bottle them up. Those emotions will eventually come back to haunt you as it did with me and even caused stress on my current marriage almost 10 years after my escape! 

This book is more about emotions than my story of my abusive relationship. I hope to help those that struggle with the decision to open up find the need to seek help and talk to a counselor. I also want those who live with someone depressed or withdrawn to understand what does and does not work to get through to a closed mind. I healed in the worst way, but then eventually I came to realize that Love does not have to hurt!

How can you buy my book?

Love Should Not Hurt: letting Go of the Pain to Live in Freedom is available for download to your device or computer for only $5.99 from 
You can also follow my book progress and links to reviews once I start generating them on

Want a promo code?

Apologies to Amazon users as KDP does not give me an option to create a coupon code 

Smashwords does allow me to generate a coupon, so if you would like a $1 discount, making my ebook only $4.99 until 6/15/14 , then use coupon code: ZJ55E 

This is my first book and I really appreciate the support! If you choose to purchase, don’t forget to post a review on Amazon or Smashwords about my book. It is the greatest support you can give me as a new Author! Thank you!

Blogger Opp
If you are a blogger and wold like to do a review of this book, I am happy to give you the download free and a free link of choice in my next 3 giveaways in exchange for a review on your site. I am not going to be picky-no mandatory word count, just a brief write up and link to my books! I will also post a snippet on my 2 blogs redirecting back to your post!

If you are interested in a review, go Here!

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Lame Shrill Owl

Congratulations on publishing your first ebook!

Rene Shonerd



Congratulations on your book and thank you for telling your story. We need to have more people tell of their success through domestic violence so that other women going through the same thing can have hope and know that they have options.

tara pittman

That is so awesome that you wrote a book. That is such dedication!


and bravo to you for being so open – and using your experiences to help others!