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My Big Notebook helps kids navigate their emotions and offer coping skills

My Big Notebook helps kids navigate their emotions and offer coping skills

Winner of a Gold Mom’s Choice Awards and published by SPARK Publications, My Big Notebook: It’s About Me with a Little Help fromMy Friend JC is a coping tool. It is a notebook for children who may have experienced trauma situations, anxieties, isolation and even loss.

It is written by Carla A. Carlisle an author, child advocate, trauma expert, and TEDx Speaker. Carla adopted a boy to become her son through her fostering. Her son is JC and he helped her write this book.

What you get is more than a book, it is a tool! My Big Notebook includes:

  • real stories
  • healthy coping mechanisms
  • positive affirmations
  • coloring & journaling pages
  • resources for kids
  • techniques to help children express their feelings in a positive way
  • letter to parents from a child and adolescent psychiatrist
  • support for parents

Your child will learn to navigate small and big emotions and learn some coping skills along the way. My Big Notebook is available now at stores and Amazon.

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