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Must Read Books When Traveling With Kids

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Must Read Books When Traveling With Kids

Traveling with kids is a daunting task for some, but it has never been for me. I have my own self-interest in history and geography so going somewhere new is fun for me because I can educate the boys in a fun and engaging way. Our 2 older bonus boys have not traveled as much as our youngest son. Circumstances and also money was different when they were younger. Now that we travel more often and to further locations my son is so enriched and can speak about other cities and recognize sites when we see movies or advertisements from major cities.

I always make sure he knows where we are going. For nights leading up to our travel I talk about distance and things to see and do even for local getaways or camping. Picture books and fact books are the best way to get him excited and Lonely Planet has so many travel and guide books for kids and adults!

City trail books are fun. We just got back from New York City and we saw so many landmarks. This is his second trip to New York from Seattle so he really has a little piece of his heat left in New York. These books were so much fun as we planned our trip and he remembered the guidebook at certain spots.

If your child just wants a general education about the world and major cities, these Big Books are fantastic. They are fun to pull out at bedtime and skim a page or two as they learn about their world outside of their own town and local landscapes.

Having guide books like these has begun to develop a love of museums from my son. He is 10 and just this week, out of the blue, said he really loved the museums we saw best and really wants to go to more museums.

Besides travel you can also find a few other guide books that include all things about Earth and even the humans and DNA makeup of us and the regions. Look for guidebooks for your upcoming travel or for some engaging education around history and geography at Lonely Planet!

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Great to learn there are great travelling books for kids. I guess it is good to expose them with these books before departing to the destination. That way they learn some interesting facts about the place before hand.

Sabrina Fox

I don’t have children yet, but I can’t wait to do things like this with them when I do decide to settle down and have my own little family!

Books are a major source of happiness in my life so it warms my heart to see parents spreading education like you are. Thank you so much!

Laura G

I love this! I never thought of getting travel books for the kids. It’s a great idea to get them engaged and excited in our travel!


We love the Lonely Planet Kids line of books! Super helpful when getting kids excited about a trip!


What a great idea, to have a selection of books to read with your kids while traveling. Our kids usually used handheld electronic devices.


This post combines my two favorite things. Travel and books, I dont have kids but if I did I would so check these books out 🙂

Corinne (@WhatCorinneDid)

I did not know Lonely Planet had books for kids! Such a great news! I love their books!

Wendy Polisi

I love travelling with some great books. The kids really enjoyed when I would read to them.

Tiffany La Forge-Grau

This is an excellent share. I always like getting books for my niece, so this is a great! I wasn’t aware lonely planet had kids books either, so this is great news lol!


We’ve been doing a lot of traveling lately. I’m always looking for new books for my kids that help them learn.

Yeah Lifestyle

Our kids love reading and this is a great way for them to discover new places!


Definitely going to check out all of these books!

Carrie Liu

These books look so fun and cute! I used to love reading books with maps when I was little.


Great list of books. I will send this to my niece to use with her children.

Aduke Schulist

When I was younger and drove across the country with my family we read books like this. It was so cool looking forward to seeing the things in the books.