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Moonshot crackers are made with regeneratively grown ingredients

Moonshot crackers are made with regeneratively grown ingredients

It is hard to deny that what consumers want is healthy, cleaner ingredients in their food and Moonshot Crackers acknowledges this. We learn more as time goes by about the effects – good and bad – of the foods we eat. We used to be told fats are bad, so we replaced fats with sugar and was told that this is better. We were told that carbohydrates should be the foundation of our daily diet and now we find out how harmful having so many carbs in our day are and even contributing to deadly diseases and epidemics.

As consumers we really have to take it upon ourselves to dissect food labels and know when we are being ‘tricked’ into believing a food item is healthy. Moonshot is a cracker that I can assure you is safe in every ingredient they add!

Moonshot crackers

If you look at most crackers on the market today (even so-called better crackers), you will find highly inflammatory oils, high gluten flours and many still contain BHT (a preservative banned in hundreds of countries, but not ours)! There are typically around 8-10 servings per box and many people can easily snack on much more than that at a time, causing you to have double or triple servings of these highly processed and inflammatory ingredients called a cracker.

Now, do you want to know how to find a better cracker? Don’t worry, these actually taste fantastic! My absolute favorite dip is the Everything But the Bagel Greek Yogurt Dip I get at Trader Joe’s with these Moonshot crackers. It is my dessert after dinner!

Crackers and dip

Moonshot Climate-Friendly Crackers are made with regeneratively grown ingredients that help store carbon and restore our soil. The crackers are made with stone-milled Edison wheat (with no bleach or bromates) and heart-healthy organic sunflower oil. The plant-based crackers have no added sugar and no preservatives and are USDA Organic and Non-GMO. Find the flavors – Sourdough Sea Salt, Rosemary Garlic, and Tomato Basil.

Moonshot was founded by Julia Collins

Julia Collins is the founder and is a Mom who wanted to create better products for her son and make sure the snack she creates will not leave a negative impact on our environment as many food products do! Her platform, Planet FWD builds technology to help food brands rethink the cycle of food production as an opportunity for regeneration. Farmers and brands work together to create products that source regeneratively grown ingredients that are less greenhouse gas intensive! That is what a better cracker with better ingredients looks like!

To find Moonshot Crackers, visit Moonshot Snacks to shop or find retailers near you. They are also available in some Northern California markets (hopefully in Seattle soon). Their carbon neutral shipping is free after $30 so ordering online is easy and affordable.

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