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Mom’s of Picky Eaters Can Rejoice with ENOF shake-on vegetable nutrition

Mom's of Picky Eaters Can Rejoice with ENOF shake-on vegetable nutrition

My tween eats like a tween! If it has bread and meat it’s his top choice. If there is color in it (the good stuff) he picks it apart to see if it meets his approval. He thinks we all can survive just fine on chips and cheese.

I have certain dishes I make that he loves enough to look past the veggies like queso and gravy. But, then there are foods that make it real hard to hide veggies. However, I have discovered ENOF – a shake-on vegetable nutrition. Even in queso, however, he dips the chip gently to makes sure not to pick up any tomatoes or onion.

ENOF shake-on vegetable nutrition

ENOF contains organic vegetable nutrition that you can sneak into any dish, even Mac n Cheese! Their genius process traps the phytonutrients in organic spinach, broccoli, carrots, tomatoes, beets and shiitake mushrooms while they undergo a freeze-drying process so it is actually real food. You get the nutritional equivalent of eating 2.5 servings of fresh veggies with just 1/12 of a teaspoon. 1 can lasts about 30 days.

ENOF is gluten-free and is not intended to replace vegetables. It is intended to help bridge the nutritional gap for those who have tried but simply cannot or will not eat vegetables. A.K.A. Mom’s best friend at dinner time!

Shop for your own can of vegetable nutrition and also keep an eye on the ENOF website as a subscriber (enter your email bottom of their homepage) as ENOF seems to offer deals very often.

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Dena Akbar

can I have the recipe and it is delicious.