Mistakes You Should Avoid When Cleaning A Toilet

Mistakes You Should Avoid When Cleaning A Toilet
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Cleaning a toilet seems like a pretty easy job, but it isn’t. Surprisingly, very few people get it right when it comes to toilet cleaning. You might think you’ve done everything correctly only to find out that you made a few mistakes.

It is impossible to claim that you know how to clean a toilet if you always make the mistakes discussed in this article. No homeowner wants their visitors to catch them with a filthy toilet. It will put them off and portray a bad picture of you. While you might try everything possible to ensure that the toilets are clean, remember not to make the following mistakes.

Don’t Rush

Toilet cleaning is a job that no one fancies, but that does not mean you should do a shoddy job. Cleaning a toilet requires utmost concentration, meaning you should take your time to ensure that all the nooks and crannies are clean. 

Spending enough time cleaning the toilet will ensure that it is spotlessly clean and all the germs and bacteria are dead. The same can’t be said if you choose to clean the toilet in a hurry. You might end up skipping some of the dirtiest corners because all you want to do is get the job done as fast as possible. 

Do Not Mix Cleaners

You should use toilet cleaners according to the manufacturer’s instructions and there is no place the guidelines mention that you should mix different cleaners. So, why would you even want to try it in the first place? Unless you want to ruin your toilet or harm yourself, you should avoid mixing cleaners. 

Cleaners contain different chemicals, and mixing them can cause harmful reactions. Some reactions will produce toxic fumes, while others will neutralize the cleaning properties of the chemicals. The bottom line is, mixing cleaners does not make them stronger; they make them ineffectual instead. 

Failing To Clean Your Toilet Consistently

While cleaning the toilet is considered a dirty job, you should ensure that it remains clean. Unfortunately, most homeowners clean their toilets when they deem them to be extremely dirty. This is a costly mistake because stains tend to build up, making it pretty challenging to get rid of them. The only way you are going to keep stains and germs away is to clean your toilet consistently. Ensure that you clean your toilets every day, or at least every two days.

Not Wearing Rubber Gloves

Most Cleaning tasks require you to wear rubber gloves to protect your hands from harsh chemicals and germs. Unfortunately, some homeowners do not see the need to wear gloves when cleaning the toilet. You might be using the toilet alone, but that’s not a good reason to abandon rubber gloves. If cleaning a toilet is as disgusting as people claim, why would you fail to wear gloves? It doesn’t make sense! Apart from the gross nature of the job, toilet cleaners contain harsh chemicals that should not come into contact with your hands. Always ensure you wear rubber gloves whenever you are cleaning your toilet or bathroom.

Not Cleaning Some Spots

Most people assume that toilet cleaning is all about scrubbing the bowl and cleaning the toilet seat. Well, you are mistaken if you are among them. There are so many spots exposed to germs, but people tend to neglect or ignore such areas. Some of these areas include the toilet cover, flush handle, and around the toilet seat hinges. Such areas need to be cleaned if you are serious about your toilet cleaning.

Neglecting Your Toilet Brush

Most people neglect their toilet brushes once they are done cleaning. Failing to clean the toilet brush gives bacteria good breeding grounds, and you’ll use the same dirty brush to clean your toilet next time. You should clean the toilet brush after use and sanitize it with hydrogen peroxide.

If you’ve been making any of the mistakes mentioned above, you now know better. 

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