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Mirenesse Shona Art Tri-Contour V Face Sculpting Stick

I have partnered with Mirenesse for feature. Product was sent

Whether it’s a run to the store or to a family get together I just never seem to leave myself enough time for a full hair and makeup routine. After having long debates with my 9 year old about shorts versus pants on a 30 degree day and the dog just ran through mud and now needs rinsing off and I put on my 8th top before settling on the right one, when would I have time for makeup?

But then a little magic stick appeared in my mail and it was the Mirenesse Shona Art Tri-Contour V Face Sculpting Stick. In 3-4 swipes on my face and/or chest I get a concealer, highlighter and bronzer all in one. A little blending with my sponge leaves my face ready for some blush and eye makeup in at least half the time. Time saved is golden when trying to get out the door.

In looking at the pictures above. The top picture shows how I like to swipe on my Tri-Contour stick on one side then I repeat on the other side and around it is my face with no makeup. I have a few blemishes and uneven skin tone. Once I blend it all in I get a much more even tone and the blemishes are covered. I especially love how well it does around my eyes.

The first thing I noticed, besides the excellent eye coverage, was how light it is to wear. I truly do not feel like I have product on my face. By the time I dab concealer and sponge on bronzer and add some highlighter from my separate bottles I used to use I felt like I as wearing 3 products. Not with this stick!

This brilliant stick is also fragrance free and contain no parabens, gluten, lanolin or petrolatum. Just ingredients such as beeswax and hyaluronate and other organic ingredients.Fin out more by visiting the Mirenesse website.

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