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Mija Books offer children’s books about diversity and cultures

Mija Books hosts hundreds of children’s books about diversity and cultures

If there is one lesson we can start very early in our child’s life, it is the discussion about cultures and diversity. On one hand, children appear to be the least judgmental humans, yet because of this attitude we feel we can skip important discussions about diversity. Then suddenly, they see and hear others’ judgements and that’s when they can begin to change their innocent attitudes towards others who appear different than themselves.

Books are one of the greatest tools we have available for these conversations! If you don’t know where to find such children’s books about diversity and cultures, visit Mija Books.

Happy Within

Mija Books brings titles together that feature children of color as the main characters in one place, making it stress-free and easy. It is hard to discover new stories and authors so this is a helpful one-stop-shop for parents and kids to learn more. It also has the books you want for your children to see themselves within main characters in positive stories.

Milk & Cookie

I want to feature 2 books that are available at Mija Books. They kindly sent me, Cookie & Milk: A Scientifically Stunt-Tastic Sisterhood and Happy Within. Both books celebrate what makes us unique and that as unique individuals we are better for each other.

In Cookie & Milk, they are best friends. Two different cultures, 2 different looks and very different personalities. What makes them best friends is a bit of yin and yang, where Cookie is the smart and science-minded and Milk is brave and keeps adventure close for them both. They know they are different and better yet, they know that’s what makes them the best of friends.

In Happy Within, who you are and what is within your skin is what makes you unique and needs to be celebrated. Only through self-love and believing in oneself it is possible to be happy within.

diverstiy books

Take a look within Mija Books! They have books for ages 0 to 9. For the older kids, a curated list of middle grade and YA (young adult) literature featuring protagonists of color are available through their affiliation. Find books that all have these great messages of diversity and self image and love at Mija Books.

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Jessi Jo Housel

Thanks for sharing. I’m working on my English Language Learners endorsement (TESOL) and am trying to get a great bilingual and diversity book list going for when I hopefully find a ELL teaching position.