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Mental Fitness is the new Physical Fitness and Bloom App is Your Therapy

Anxiety! It’s a word I hear all too often. We are quick to call ourselves anxious and about anything or everything. Anxiety is why my relationship isn’t healthy; anxiety is why I didn’t get out of bed today. Is it?

Anxiety is real and we all show some form of it throughout our lifetime, but what if all we need is some help, some guidance? What if we are throwing the word ‘anxiety’ around too loosely or holding ourselves back because we can just say that word and get ourselves off the hook? What if we just need a different mind set or learn more positive self talk? Maybe we just need a little mental fitness for 2020.

Where do we start? Am I suffering from anxiety? Have I formed a negative mind set? Is it a bit of both? Can I do more and live better? Yes! How? I found this new amazing app called Bloom and I am hooked. It’s like a digital therapist in your pocket or like self-therapy. It’s guided video sessions with exercises that help you work on stress, anxiety and help you work on confidence, self-awareness and also purpose.

If you were to go to your Doctor, get a referral to see a Therapist, set that appointment and show up in office to talk with them it may start with, “How are you feeing today?” That’s where Bloom starts. (disclaimer: Bloom is not to replace a Therapist when one has been recommended). Bloom asks you How you are feeling today and you decide your mood, level of that mood and what you are feeling and then the session starts.

With guided sessions, including small note taking prompts, you get to learn more about positive self-talk, motivation tips, reducing stress, breathing techniques and so much more. Just follow along in your session with Mike as he becomes your digital assistant.

Who is holding you back? Is it you? Find out with Bloom. You should give it a try as your first 7 days of Bloom are free. A lot will happen in 7 days of Bloom!

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