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Megalopolis: City of Collectibles Fall Toy Unboxing

Megalopolis: City of Collectibles Fall Toy Unboxing

Halloween is tomorrow but if you are my child, it should last all year long. Anthony is a sci-fi, scary film lover and the toy collectibles as Megalopolis has his favorite characters and themes in their shop.

Recently we were sent a box of items for the Megalopolis Halloween 2018 shop and there are some great Holiday gift ideas inside. This shop section does not only have to be for Halloween.

Anthony’s Megalopolis Toy Collectibles Unboxing

The box was full of fun before we even got to the actual order. Unboxings and photos of your order can win you more products. That is always fun to know that sharing your items can earn you more.

What did Anthony receive for Halloween? Did you watch the video above? He was so excited to see the Funko Action Figure line from IT. There are 4 of these 3-packs and he got Pack 4 which includes Pennywise, Richie and Eddie. The figures are 3.75″ and are posable.

The MADBALLS FOAM HORROBALLS BY KIDROBOT are a lot of fun. We got Leatherface and the detail on this ball is fantastic. Even though Anthony was so excited to see the Stephen King Funko figures and set them up right away on his Game Room center with his other Funko POPS, he has not put down his Leatherface ball in 2 days.

I highly encourage you to visit Megalopolis for toy collectibles for toy fans.

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Stop supporting Megalopolis City of Collectibles. The are scam artists and thieves. They take your money and never ship your items and refuse to refund you while they ignore your emails. They have a F rating with the Better Business Bureau and it is well deserved. Need more proof that they are fraudsters just check out the numerous negative yelp and google reviews. They are even ripping off their own investors (see startengine.com investor comments). It is a shame that criminal companies like this are legally allowed to exist. #lawsuitinthemaking