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Marked Private party invite bands

This is a promotional post for Marked Private. All opinions are 100% my own

I have three boys and birthday party time is always a highlight when they are younger. They start talking about their party plans months before it is necessary and before you are ready to start the planning yourself. My 6 year old has his May party all figured out right now as you can probably relate to that if you have kids! Typically my boys want a theme and I have to hunt for those invitations. Sometimes they want a LEGO party and so I buy LEGO invites-they have tons of LEGOS and because the invites are LEGO themed, it gives the hint they are asking for LEGOS, but that is not necessarily the case. How do we know what to buy someone else’s child for their birthday party? I hate that dilemma! Then I found out about Marked Private! Marked Private will make your party going or party planning so much easier!
Marked Private is your party connections and announcement in a box! Instead of a card to write 15 times over all the details and directions, you simply put a band in an envelope with the admit card and put a name on it and hand out! Even the party boy or girl gets a host band!

The bands are their ticket! They are similar to the style and material of popular bands kids love to wear. The MP stands for Marked Private and kids will love showing up at the party feeling like a VIP with their band on! What’s more is that band gives them tons of access to pre-party, post-party and the actual party events by connecting them to your child’s party page you get to create!

So, there may be no invites to write out, but what about Thank you cards? Marked Private has that covered too! The invite cards have an access code that each recipient uses to log onto your child’s party page! It is there they can RSVP, view photos and party details, have access to your child’s gift wish list and see the Thank You and post-party photos after the party has ended! Completely safe and private and only for the party-goers!
All of the instructions are in the box and if you order more than one box, you can link codes to one party page! You can create videos which work great to say thank you to the guests and if your child receives a band to a party, you get to see the wish list and gift shopping suddenly becomes so much simpler! 
What about kids not invited-who don’t have a band? I am touching on this because it was my first thought! Most schools will allow addresses to be released. My son can’t wait to use these and when May comes around, I will mail out his invites! In there, I will add notes I make to please not allow their child to school with the bands, but to have them wear around town and to the party! Whether they walk around flaunting paper invites or a bracelet, it really doesn’t matter, it is all in how the parent throwing the party hands them out and I will mail or ask his teacher to insert into their go-home folders so the kids get them at home. I will use these for my son’s 7th birthday and write a follow up post then to tell you how it went!
Can you imagine the fun your child will have creating their own party page? Marked Private thought of everything when it comes on what to include on the party page. The stickers and backgrounds you can display are a lot of fun and there is enough to choose from to make your child’s page unique. 
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