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Managing Cold Urticaria hives and rashes

Managing Cold Urticaria hives and rashes

It started a few years ago. I would sit out on my lawn chair watching my son at soccer practice and start itching. I would stand up and feel like there were lumps on the bottom of my feet that itched and hurt to walk. As time went on the rashes would appear in the cold on any exposed skin of mine. If it is cold and wet outside I am literally uncomfortable in my own skin. My Doctor told me it was cold urticaria and it can stay forever or go away. They really do not know.

Heat Holders

You cannot prevent the itchy rashes that sometimes hurt from appearing, all you can do is manage the itch. This requires certain medication and lots of layers and blankets on hand if I am going to be outdoors or in the cold. Forget polar plunges (not my thing anyway), but those can bring dangerous whole body reactions.

Until I found my favorite leggings and hats from Heat Holders, I would feel like a big marshmallow under all of my layers of shirts, sweaters and heavy coats.

For my past birthday my Mom had gifted me some Heat Holder tops and gloves she found on Amazon. It was so fantastic the day of my son’s next game when I had these on hand and they kept me warm enough I could wear less layers. When I was just approached to promote Heat Holders in this post, I was more than happy to help them out and even acquired more items that will be great as fall comes and soccer begins again.

My arm (above) after washing my car on a cold fall day

Once the hives hit, managing cold urticaria sometimes requires taking an antihistamine and even having to go watch him from my car with the heat on. I hate those bad days when I have to pack up and watch from a distance, then I see him looking for me on the sidelines and when I am not there his eyes wander to the parking lot towards my car. Since I have my Heat Holders I can tell you that I have been able to get through entire games when I have my top and leggings on under a coat and the hat, socks and gloves as well. I even have a heated neck wrap that is amazing on the bitter days.

Heat Holders blanket

Heat Holders was originally created to be the warmest sock, then added other products to their line. Heat Holders uses a specially developed thermal yarn that provides high performance insulation against cold with superior moisture breathing abilities. Step 2 is their innovative knitting technology that produces unique, extra long looped cushion pile to hold in more warm air, increasing the TOG rating. Last of the process is the expert brushing process maximizes the amount of warm air held inside each sock for total warmth and all-day comfort.

Whether you are trying to stay comfortable in your own skin and avoid hives or just dislike the cold, Heat Holders is so fantastic to have on hand for outdoor sporting events, cold camping nights, outdoor work and more! Find at retailers such as Amazon and at

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mine went into remission for two years. it just came back last month with a vengeance.