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Make better choices for our environment with Roll’eat reusable food bags

Make better choices for our environment with Roll'eat reusable food bags

Of all the plastic that’s manufactured in the US, only about 9 percent is recycled. We may use recycle bins at home and work, but are you really focused on what goes in your trash and what gets to the recycle center? Apparently, we are failing by about 91%. If we can make small changes in 2023, we can do our part to leave better footprints. If everyone committed to one small change, imagine the difference we can make. One common task is packing lunches and we have to wrap our food in something, so why not an alternative to plastic bags? Roll’eat reusable food bags and wraps are an easy alternative.

Not only are the designs fun and engaging, especially when trying to get the kids to actually eat what you make, but they are reusable. These eco-friendly and sustainable food bags come in the sizes you need and are made to fit any foods from small snacks to sub sandwiches. There are 3 sizes exactly,

  1. Boc’n’Roll Food/Sandwich Wrapper – has a simple closure that’s customizable to different food shapes and sizes. Wrapping your food then using the closure is easy!
  2. Snack’n’Go Bag – 7″x7″, perfectly sized for a snack.
  3. Snack’n’Go Duo Bag – take a complete meal on the go with our environmentally friendly double snack bag

As we wrap up the Holidays next week and think about making healthier starts to the new year, these simple changes can snowball into bigger and better outcomes. The bags and wraps from Roll’eat are easy to wipe clean while being an alternative reusable product to eliminate the need for disposable, single-use wrappers. Plastic is bad for the air, bad for the oceans and bad for your health and we make it worse by tossing plastic baggies into the trash throughout our day. Make the switch in 2023. Pick your patterns on the Roll’eat online shop.

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Sandy C.

I like these!!