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Make Bath Time Safer For Baby With LatherMitts



Her name is Sarah and she is a Mom who also knows the struggle of bathing your slippery baby. It can be dangerous at times. I remember my son being young and I was soapy and he was soapy and I had to adjust him and would be so afraid he’d slip from my hands and have a head to porcelain accident. The difference between Sarah and most of us is she came up with a solution, LatherMitts.

LatherMitts Features include:
  • Safety: The gentle neoprene grip that lines LatherMitts’ thumb and forefinger ensures that squirmy, slippery kids are secure and safe in your hands.  Neoprene, commonly used in wetsuits, is hypoallergenic, non-slip and is naturally resistant to oil, mildew and mold.
  • Quality: The rest of the glove is made of white organic cotton, perfect for a baby’s sensitive skin.
  •  Dexterity: Get into hard-to-reach places like behind ears and under chins with ease.
  • Value: LatherMitts can be rewashed and reused again and again the same way you would use a washcloth.
  • Options: LatherMitts come in sizes small to extra large, so mom and dad can both cover bath time duties.
You can buy yours and get free shipping at $20 is all it costs for a safer bath time. I would have loved these when my son is young, but he actually takes these in his bath at 8 years old and soaps them up and uses like a washcloth. He now lathers his own self up with the LatherMitts.
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