Magnolia Soap & Bath Co hand poured, soy wax dough bowl candles

Candles are one of my favorite gifts to give and receive. Burning a candle with a clean scent is my reward after cleaning a space in my home. I love having candles out for ambiance so having different vessels shapes and colors is something I make sure I have on hand. I am in love with my Magnolia Soap & Bath Co. hand poured, soy wax dough bowl candles. When it arrived, it looked even better than I thought.

Magnolia Soap & Bath Co has many shapes and sized of candles such as pumpkin bowls and hearts. I love my small dough bowl and it is not small in the sense of typical candles. The small dough bowl candle measures 10″x6″ and has 3 wicks. The scents are so pleasant.

You can easily find a candle to match your decor in any given space. The white bowl I have goes very well on my entertainment center in my living room. It burns up to 30 hours and I follow their directions of burning for no more than 4 hours. I just love how these my dough bowl candle looks during a burn in its space.

If you have sensitive skin, you know that even candles can release irritating scents and checmicals that can irritate the skin or cause dryness. Magnolia Soap & Bath Co soaps are plant-based and domestically sourced, naturally grown ingredients from a family-owned company. These make gorgeous gifts, so shop today for candles and even laundry products!

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