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MadMade Design Aprons Review

The wife life! Between making school lunches because it’s chili day at school, putting together yet another dinner, mopping the floor when the muddy dogs run through and finishing breakfasts dishes in the sink all I have is my apron. The apron keeps messes off me, is my constant ‘hand towel’ and little piece of fashion I can feel proud of. I have all boys so being in a pretty and practical apron by Madmade with sudsy hands is as exciting as it gets some day.

I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.

The apron hangs on the fridge and when my husband gets home it can stay there. He is a helper. He washes the dinner dishes, folds the laundry I couldn’t get to and keeps the yard and cars in shape.

But it is pretty! Yes, my Madmade apron symbolizes countless meals and messes, but I love it. I love the way it pulls on over my head so it covers all of me in the front and back.

My apron is reversible, has practical pockets, comes in fun prints, is made from 100% premium quality cotton and is made here in the USA.

Aside from my chores at home I also manage our local high school kitchen so I also love the fun patterns and colors to wear to work.

With Mother’s Day nearby these aprons are a great gift. They really have all the features you would want in an apron.

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Madeleine Sklar

So grateful for your awesome review of my aprons and so happy you are enjoying yours! Thank you for the love! ~ Madeleine, founder