Lynn & Liana Acacia hardwood and an eco-friendly resin Baguette Board

One of my favorite servings is charcuterie and dessert is a great way to get creative on boards and save plates. Lynn & Liana Designs has gorgeous serving trays and cheese boards that are hand-poured and meticulously crafted individual works of art! What a better way to serve my Whiskey Fudge then on an Acacia Board that is stunning!

This board blends gorgeous Acacia hardwood and an eco-friendly resin and is more beautiful that the pictures can serve when you receive it. It comes in a stunning black box for gifting. These baguette boards are perfect for serving a group of 3-5 people, unless you use it for small desserts where you can display more.

The size without the handle is 5″ x 19″ x 5/8″ and the handle adds 5″, so it is a great decor piece to stage when not in use in your kitchen or bar. You have 10 pattern choices- this one I have is Caribbean Blue. You can find marble, quartz, onyx designs and more.

Lynn & Liana Designs serve wear makes fantastic gifts and you can order on their website of via their Amazon shop.

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