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Low Carb Lunch Ideas for Work to Pack in Your Tyffyn

Low Carb Lunch Ideas for Work to pack in your Tyffyn

Low Carb Lunch Ideas to pack in your Tyffyn

I wanted to share some great Low Carb Lunch Ideas for work to pack in your Tyffyn that fellow Bloggers have offered for you

  1. Air Fryer Salmon recipe from Recipes from a Pantry
  2. Crunchy Healthy Turkey Salad recipe from Recipes from a Pantry
  3. Keto Cobb Salad recipe from Diabetes Strong
  4. Lemon Garlic Butter Shrimp recipe from Dancing Through the Rain
  5. Low Carb Greek Chicken Meal Prep Bowls recipe from Wholesome Yum
  6. Low Carb Crack Slaw Egg Roll in a Bowl recipe from Wholesome Yum
  7. Silky Vegan Cauliflower Soup recipe from Happy Kitchen. Rocks
  8. Italian Meatball Salad recipe from Tasty Galaxy
  9. Instant Pot Chicken Mexican Soup recipe from Parenting Healthy
Low Carb Lunch Ideas

Why I use the Taffyn Lunchbox

When you are doing your best by eating healthier and taking time to prepare your work lunches for the week, the last thing you want is to sit down at work for lunch and realize your food is in horrible shape after transport and reheating. You have no other options but to eat out and blow your goal and if leaving is not an option, you rely on a miserable meal to get you through the rest of the day.

Many times you can’t get to a kitchen for lunch. My Mom teaches second grade out in a portable so it takes a lot of time from her break to pack up, lock up and get to and from the staff room on the other side of the school so eating in the classroom is her best option for a break.

With Tyffyn Lunch Boxes from Vaya you hold your meals at just the right temperature and they will stay that way from home to lunch time (5-6 hours hot). Your food is kept in BPA-free, stainless steel or copper-finished containers (you choose) that DO NOT LEAK!

I love all of the color and pattern choices as there are so many for men, women and children. Having a collapsable handle is very convenient and each partition has a heat-protective finger grip. Why? Because your food is still hot hours later, remember?

Take a look at the Bag Mat you get too that doubles as a sleek shoulder bag to an easy-to-clean table mat at a moment’s notice.

Get your Tyffyn Lunch Box by visiting VayaLife and find one for you and a gift form someone else! Don’t forget to look for their Tumblers and Lunchboxes for Kids while there. You can also shop on Amazon.

What is your favorite foods to pack for lunch?

Comment: Vaya Life sent me a Tyffyn lunchbox. Fellow Bloggers gave permission in a round-up group to have their recipes shared.

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I love this lunch box! It’s both attractive and superbly functional!

Michelle Cantu (@AThriftyDiva)

These lunch containers sound magnificent. My son uses a microwave at school and I always feel terrible that he spends half his lunch time waiting his turn to use it. I mean this could be life changing for him to have these lunch boxes.


Those recipes look so yummmy and easy to do. Usually i see curbing my diest as a chore. This looks very do able.


I adore the Tyffyn lunch box! I hate packing into plastic containers as I never know what chemicals may leach into my food. Kind of defeats the purpose of attempting to be healthier. I will definitely be checking out some of the recipe links. They look amazing.

Shilpa Bindlish

I loved how this tiffn box can keep food warm for so many hours. Its a must have for working people like me.


I love the lunchbox, but I also love the recipe ideas that I can use while on my no sugar detox.

Batiste Ladonna

this is great. The recipes look easy and I should be able to follow. The Tiffy box is a must have.