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Little Patakha Toys highlight the differences that make us unique

Little Patakha Toys highlight the differences that make us unique

A child is never too young to be sparked with he sense of identity and to be encouraged in a diverse world. In fact, I think the younger the child learns acceptance and celebration of other cultures in age-appropriate ways then the easier it is to raise them with kindness and love. If you want to engage your child into the world of culture and diversity, Little Patakha has tools that are fun and easy to play with and give your child meaningful lessons.

coloring book

Spark creativity and the love of arts with this coloring book, Beyond the Lines: Color Your World Your Way. This coloring book has simple words and illustrations to allow your child’s creativity flow with all of the colors in the crayon box!

hindi books

Learn a language with these books, Planet Pichkari and Planet Pathrado. These introduce languages that may be hard to find in standard toys such as Konkani and Hindi. The illustrations set the word and then you get the correct spelling and the pronunciation. How proud will your child be when they can say cow in Hindi?


Your child can dream big and try new things with these Unstoppable Me Affirmation Cards. Start your day with a challenge or pride by taking a card and reading or discussing it. How can you help someone today? What do you want to be when you grow up? These cards, books and toys make great travel companions as well. Shop the Little Patakha store today and begin a different learning style about the world and people around you.

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